“I always wanted a girl”

My Great Thanksgiving Listen interview was recorded on December 1, 2017 in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey. I spoke with my mom, Kateryna Bechtel, about the city life and growing up not speaking English. We also spoke of her career...

Thanksgiving Interview

This interview is private.

“That, like, ‘I’m strong, I can do it,’ or like that idea of pushing yourself. “

2:28-5:28 MP: Do you see anything of yourself in me? What… umm… like… strengths, do you see you’ve passed on to me? Or what weaknesses? SE: *Laughs* MP: O-or fortalezas or fuerzas? How do you- how do I say…? SE:...

“Game 7, 7 Questions”

Marissa and her Mom have a conversation while watching Game 7 of the World Series 2016 (during the commercials). The game went on for hours and went into extra innings. Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Life event and effects

How an unexpected siezure changed each person on each side going through it and how the affects of it opened our eyes in life.

Amanda and Lexi Voigt On Memories Together

In this interview, Lexi Voigt discusses, with her mom, what they believe makes their relationship so special. They hit on the memories they share as well as their individual traits, and the experiences that have shaped them both. Listen in...

Interview with my Mother
November 26, 2018 App Interview

( mom didn’t want a picture ) Me and my mom discuss mainly about childhood and how it was like for her while growing up. She gives me some advice on some things and describes her wishes for my own...

Nina Bisceglia, Al Lejarde, and Michael Lejarde

An interview with Nina Bisceglia recorded on December 24, 2017 for her beloved daughter Kristin Lynn Rush a.k.a. Mrs. Lejarde. A retelling of a tradition every year how Kristin was born on Christmas Day and a little bit of how...

My mom’s big gay journey.

My mom and I talk about her growing up in small town Florida as a gay kid during the 80s and 90s.