Dane Dowell and Holly Dowell – Wife of 47 Years and Mother of Four.

May 10, 2020 - Dane Dowell (36) talks with mother, Holly Carter Dowell (68) about her life, from growing up in Virginia, eldest of six kids, to being a wife and mother of four kids and moving around the United...

Mother’s day

Interview with my mom for mother's day about her life

Mother’s Day 2020

Visiting with my husband about his mom for Mother's Day.

Tatev Yeghiazaryan

Tatev Yeghiazaryan (in Brooklyn) speaks with her mom, Karine Arshakyan (in NJ) on mother's day about Karine's life in Armenia during the Soviet era and after its collapse; her emigration and bringing of family to the U.S. and the insightful...

Mother’s Day with 8 year old

Random candid conversation completely unrehearsed so a mother could remember her 8 year old daughters sweet voice.

Jillian Wilson and Susan Peters

Jillian Wilson (42) talks with her birth mother, Susan Peters (57) about her experience of motherhood, from being a birth mother to an adoptive parent, and how their relationship has grown after reuniting.

Mothers Day — 2022

This is an interview with Sharon Buchi Tillman on Mother’s Day about her growing up.

Rosemary Bayer and Erin Mack discuss memories from Erin’s childhood

For the first time ever, Erin and her mother, Rosemary, discuss their memories from Erin’s childhood. Erin’s words: “My mom is one of those rare, incredibly determined people that sees an injustice in the world and commits her entire self...