"Fail Forward Fast." Ari Flowers & Mrs. Franklin's "Hair" Story.
December 8, 2022 App Interview

Ari Flowers conducts an interview with her entrepreneur mentor and relative at Saint Francis South Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The pair talk about Mrs. Franklin's past, business, and life lessons while also reflecting on the impact family has on each...

Storytelling Interview

Maria Flores, who is 19 years old, was interviewing Kimberly Harmon, who is 48 years old. The interview is about her experience about her job and how she feels about her position.

Narrative 33 – Male, 29 year old, PrEP

As part of The VOICES Project at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Narrative 33 is a male, 29 year old, PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) participant speaking on initial fears/reservations, motivation, and overcoming medical mistrust.

Will Millsaps Reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship

Will and Bill (one and the same) discuss several important concepts from the U of M ENVR 361 course. This includes conversation around norms, motivations, envisioning, eco-teams, and more. Some evaluation metrics are used, and some real world application of...

"Give me a chance and maybe I'll surprise you" A journey to the big leagues with Christ Coste

Chris Coste talks about his unbelievable journey to fulfill his dream to become a professional baseball player in the MLB.

Nelson Isaac peer interview 11/27/23

we talked about his Goals for the future and what motivates him to reach those goals

“If you don’t go through the bad times, you don’t know what good times are.”

I interviewed my AVID high school teacher and began by asking her about a life changing event, leading to her story and how it affected her and some advice for students on what she’s learned.

Priscila Herrera and Fabiola González

Amigas y compañeras de One Small Step Priscila Herrera (47) y Fabiola González (42) hablan de sus experiencias como inmigrantes, el impacto de algunos maestros excepcionales y su impulso para crear un mejor futuro para sus hijos. [Friends and One...

Journalism Assignment

Zainab Ahmed speaks about her experiences in college so far and some of her struggles throughout college. She also speaks about why she’s doing what she’s doing and how she plans to carry out her future.

Dawn Fausner and Juleia Smith – 61 and 16

Juleia Smith (16) interviews her coworker Dawn Fausner (61) who is a hygienist and a nursing student. They talk about the medical field, life lessons, finding love later in life, career passion, and more.

Chase-ing your Ambitions
December 18, 2018 App Interview

Within this interview, I spent the passing 30 minutes asking my mother about what motivated her, and what acted as a driving inspiration in her life as a banker. I wanted to gain a better insight into what inspired her...

grandma anna’s life history
November 28, 2022 App Interview

i, anna o’brien, got to interview my grandma, who is also named anna today. i asked questions about her life history, her childhood, and her family that i never got to meet. i really enjoyed hearing stories i never would’ve...

Kaylee cox interview

It's good to know a little more about your parents.

My mom’s life and lessons

My mom gives a brief summary on what she has gone through and learned as a result of her living situations

Nadia Montoya and Regina Vindel

Nadia Montoya (47) habla con su amiga Regina Vindel (45) sobre su decisión de iniciar un negocio durante una pandemia. Ella comparte su pasión por aprender y hornear, su decisión de ser un modelo positivo para sus hijos y el...

Finn Nelson interviews his dad Greg Nelson

In this interview, Finn Nelson interviews his dad Greg Nelson about life and inspiration. They talk about his life and how he got to where he is now.

Zayra Marquez Interviews co-worker Wanda

In this Interview, Zayra Marquez interviews her co-worker, Wanda. They both work at Dunkin Donuts. They talk about Wanda’s kids and work.