Simone Jenkins

Simone Jenkins (51) talks with her daughter, Ana Morgan (17) about growing up in Australia, moving to America, family stories, and traditions.

Andrea Huelse and Wolfgang Huelse

Andrea Huelse (47) talks with her father Wolfgang Huelse (79) about his experience growing up in the barracks in Hamburg during Nazi Germany, how his perception of Americans changed from one interaction he had with an American soldier as a...

Mark DiPinto interviews his Great Aunt Bina about her past experiences and life decisions.

This interview took place over the phone and the participants were me, Mark DiPinto, and my Great Aunt, Bina Balzano. She was born in America shortly after her parents both were able to come to this country together. In this...

Neha Avadhani and Meena Pasupathy

Neha Avadhani (18) asks her family friend, and close aunt, Meena Pasupathy (53) about her childhood, her experience moving to the US from India, and some lessons she has learned throughout her career.

Monica Whatley and Bandele [no name given]

Monica Whatley (32) interviews her friend, Bandele [no name given] (73), about his incarceration in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Bandele reflects on what he learned during the 33 years during which he was detained, his relationship...

Suresh Somisetty and Harsha Somisetty

Suresh Somisetty talks with his son, Harsha Somisetty, about life growing up in India and coming to America

My dad’s journey

“It was a time where there were no cell phones, no pagers, no nothing. You just went out with your friends and came back before it got dark.” In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Chula Vista, California, Valeria...

Martha Dominguez and Paloma Dominguez

Martha Dominguez and Paloma Dominguez talk about Marthas experience growing up in Mexico and moving to the United States and how the experience impacted her today

DJ Occeline and Wesley Luetkemeyer

We will find out how my roommate experienced moving from one country to the next.


I interviewed my Mom and we talked about her life moving to Los Angeles.


Ashley (18) interviews neighbor Ana (33) to get glimpse of her life in Guatemala and her transition to the United States. We speak about her childhood life and how she grew up.

Kelly Dozier and Laurie Dozier III

Laurie Dozier III (71) interviews his wife, Kelly Dozier (61), about LeMoyne Arts, where Kelly serves as the Board Lead Director. They discuss Kelly's passion for the work she does, the art center's award winning Chain of Parks Art Festival,...

Interview with Russian Grandfather

We talked about his life and some of his memories including favorites and those about his grandparents.

Inna Mihai – Fleeing Ukraine and Coming to America

I interviewed my friend, Inna Mihai, age 30, about her experience fleeing the Ukraine War and coming to the United States. Inna and her son, Zhenya, were sponsored by a friend, Elena, who worked in Ukraine through Peace Corps. Elena...

Interviewing my father, Michael Glynn

Michael has had a fascinating childhood. He was born into a big family in Ireland. I asked about the most important thing that happened in his life and Michael replied by saying that his move from Ireland to America was...

Anna Wasden and Joan Hunter Christensen

Anna Wasden (58) sits down with her mother, Joan Hunter Christensen (86), to ask about her family's turf accounting business, what it was like growing up in Distington, England during World War II, and the family traditions that differ from...

Unplanned Immigration

“We had to flee. We didn’t plan it, just in a matter of two hours we were out of the country.” My name is Puzant Kiwanian and I am 15 years old. The story you will hear in this recording...

Micaela Camacho-Tenreiro and Ramon Camacho

Micaela Camacho-Tenreiro (24) has a conversation with her father, Ramon Camacho (57), about milestone moments and their bicultural lives.