Great Thanksgiving Listen

I talked with my neighbor who has lived by me my whole life. I Learned about her early life and how things were a lot different. Also, about her love life and how she used to babysit me when I...

Allison Breski Thanksgiving Interview

My grandma and I talked about her childhood, her marriage, and her relatives. We also talked about what raising my dad was like and how his childhood played out.

I interview my mother (and also a cat)

We talk about my mother’s family and life before I was born, and it is quite interesting.

Interview with grandpa :)

Angelina interviews her grandpa about how he met grandma, going into the military, and stories of his childhood.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandma got the chance to sit down and have a true heart to heart conversation. I got to learn all about her childhood and career choices and just what it’s like to be a wonderful mother and grandma.

Recording – 11-28-2023 21:24:31

I interviewed my oldest sister Kassondra and talked about how her life has changed since she’s had kids.

Ava Ursiak Interviewing Jen Anderson

Ava Ursiak (17) talking to her aunt Jen (49) in Freeport PA about her life as a child to this day! We talked about her life growing up with her parents, about my cousin Jerin, and her life right now....