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May 22, 2022 App Interview

My mom talked about believing in yourself

Riffi O'Brien and Michael Goodman

Riffi O'Brien (67) and her One Small Step conversation partner, Michael Goodman (54), talk about their families, the book Michael has written, Riffi's involvement in her community, and Michael's multiple sclerosis.

"Wake up every day looking forward to things that make you happy. Don't worry……be happy."

Beth sat down with Galeen in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic to learn about Galeen's experience with MS and guidance to help foster resilience in others. Hear about how MS affects those struggling with the disease and how...

Sharla Taylor and Dylan Taylor-Smith

Sharla Taylor (71) and her daughter, Dylan Taylor-Smith (33), talk about Sharla's life experiences growing up on a farm in Denton Texas and her career in local radio and as a musician. They also discuss what it's been like for...

Caitlin Anderson and Reed Anderson

Father, Reed Anderson (73) interviews his daughter, Caitlin Anderson (49) about her experience living with multiple sclerosis, her decision to be apart of NIH clinical trial for MS, and how her life has changed since her diagnosis.

Claire and Peter Warton

A Bridge of Hope; Peter and Claire look back on their life together that began when Claire met Peter when she he was 6 and she 16 and how they reconnected 20 years later when Claire was a violist in...

Paul Lee and Ramiro DeTraglia

Ramiro DeTraglia explains persevering through life with multiple sclerosis.

Bryan Landis and Vanessa Landis

Vanessa Landis (34) sat down with her spouse, Bryan Landis (33), to discuss her career into medicine and reflected on their son's life and hopes for their future.

Anna Trujillo and Pamela Semos

Mother and daughter, Pamela Semos (60) and Anna Trujillo (34), discuss Pamela's journey navigating MS and illness, family, and faith during hard times.