"We've got to hold ourselves up- we've got to have each other's back" – Mike Gibbs on being a musician and family businessman in Richmond.

Mike and Alison discuss his career in music, his local business ventures, working with family (they work together so well!) and raising a family in Richmond. Music lovers: Hear Mike's Billboard 100 song "Sarah's In Love" at the end of...

Interview with DJ Bradley Adjei

In this audio interview, we discuss with Bradley Adjei, photographer and DJ, his take on music and it’s changed throughout history.

New Media Project: StoryCorps – Samuel Tappan

I interview my friend Anthony about his life, hobbies, and passions.

Music and It’s Impact

I sat down with my dad Dwayne Radden and took a ride down memory lane. I listened to him tell me about the impact of music and his love for music.

Early 2000s: Music Then vs. Music Now
December 4, 2017 App Interview

We're discussing the differences between the music on the scenes in the early 2000s compared to music on the scenes now.

Interview with R&B Singer, RMZY

I interviewed my roommate, who is also an R&B singer. We talked about inspiration and music.

Music influencing our lives

My boyfriend and I discussed the influence of music in our lives