Music through a lifetime

Music has always been a part of my fathers life. That’s why I asked him to share some of his favorite memories and experiences with music.

Music Podcast

Dax Meredith and Jay Zehr talk about music

Julia Miller: A Conversation about Music

I sat down with my mother, Julia Miller, to talk about music and how it has changed during her lifetime. She talks about how my grandfather took her to her first concert, how she to listened music then, and how...

Cristopher’s Parent

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018, I will be interviewing my dad. He means so much to me because he is my stepdad. I would not have made the right decisions without him. I chose him because he is such...

Mass communications interview!

Music: past to present through the eyes of my mom.

Marching Band

Right from the field of South High, spartan marching band!

Mugshots: Jeff Parks interview Part I

This is the second part of the interview with Jeff Parks. Jeff came up with the idea of Musikfest, and is serves as the Executive Director of the ArtsQuest Foundation. The word Jeff chose to best describe Musikfest is COMMUNITY.

The life of John (Jack) Waltrip

My Grandfather, John Waltrip, went on a musical journey in the military, in a shop, and all around the world on a cruise ship. Along the way, he met his wife, and many friends.

Uncle Gary Lazzara: From the Past to the Future

After over 10 years of pancake-filled breakfasts and festive holidays with him, Felicity finally decided it was time to give back. For the first time in a long time coming, she decided to put her Uncle Gary in the spotlight....

The Santa Clara Experience

We interviewed each other about our high school experience and how it shaped us as the Class of 2018.

“We had a shuffle board tournament party and we invited John Lennon”

Scott Sklar grew up in Manhattan as the son of Rick Sklar, who ran ABC Radio in New York. His childhood was something special, as he was constantly in the presence of popular culture icons and attended some of the...


Talked about growing up and concerts

Jill on her My Chemical Romance favorites

Jill and Elora discuss band favorites and the lasting impact of MCR's music.

Two Teenyboppers Talking!

Throughout this conversation my mom and I discuss the differences between our fan girl days, in addition to how social media has affected the way pop stars communicate with us.

My Proudest Moment

I talk about planning a concert at Tcf Bank Stadium

My dad talks about his love of music

In this interview I sat down with my dad and we discussed some of his favorite artists as well as his own personal taste in music.

Me and my Dad!

Steven and Matthew Bottone share the importance of parenting and music, and how they help shape our lives.

Amy Parker discusses how growing up with her aunt and uncle shaped her world view and aspirations for life

Bridget Parker interviews her mother, Dr. Amy Parker, in Solebury Township on January 1, 2020. She discusses what her life was like growing up with her aunt and uncle. She grew up in Bloomfield, NJ and worked in both music...

Getting to know mom

Laura’s decisions and opportunities with their affect on her life and her opinions on certain lifestyles based on time and music.