Hercules BBQ

My uncle explains his journey to owning his own business.

When a mother isn't a mother

Casey Lane (26) talks with his wife, Rachiel Lane (28) about having a strained relationship with her mother. Rachiel reflects on the actions that led to her having no contact with her mother and how that has effected her in...

A summary of College

I'm doing an interview with my sister where i talk about her general college experience and her thoughts about college.

Susan Dakorson Addresses The Sad Fact of What It's Like For A Young African American Girl Dealing With The Ideal Hair Standard In America.

I interviewed 21-year-old Susan Dakorson who also goes by Susie, a close friend of mine, of what it was like growing up in America dealing with and breaking the ideal Hair standard in American society for African American women. Susie...

Student-Athlete life at Missouri Western and the day to day struggles Part 1

I interviewed Hailey Crane who is apart of Missouri Western's volleyball team. Hailey is a freshman and grew up in Georgia. She balances school and sports. (There are two parts because my phone died)

A follow-up interview with Gilda Mcmackin

I did a follow-up interviewed my mother about when she left my village to go to work in Manila

Interview Part 1

Me interviewing my older brother about what specific things he got out of college and how he managed his time.

How Music shaped and inspired Auggie Pugh

How has Auggie’s sound and music changed over the last few years


I am interviewing a person I have known throughout high school and wanted to tell their story of a transition from female to non binary.

Growing up being the middle child

In this interview, I interviewed Jeffrey. I have known him ever since I was child he was a family friend. I was the eldest child growing up and I have always wondered how it was like being the middle child....

Remember the good times

My girlfriend recently lost her grandmother and instead of choosing to dwell on her loss, she decided to make the best of the situation and focus on the good memories with her grandma.

Bad Times Don’t Mean Bad Endings

4-5 years ago my parents got divorced. Some people, when their parents divorce, grow up to have a “troubled childhood”. But my best friend and I went down memory lane and talked about how I was changed for the better...

Sink or swim: the making of an artist

Talking with a young ambitious Artist who made the decision on not returning to school. On the mission to furfill he goal of being an established artist making his living on doing what he loves, Art.

Side by side, with Steven Foster

This is an Interview with my brother Steven Foster about his struggles in his daily life trying to be a successful musician and father coming out of a small Missouri town. We talk about his goals for his band and...

The impact of moving from Vietnam to the United States.
September 28, 2019 App Interview

An interview with my mom, Uyen Nguyen, about her life coming into the United States from Vietnam ad the changes she went through.

"It's a Small World"

In this interview I will be interviewing one of my very best friends Dawson Lucas Tate about his life in Riverside, California. Within this interview I will be asking him a majority of questions which will help me gain more...

A revisited past

I talked to my oldest brother, Jaron Smith, about our time a part. This led to me discovering many things I did not know about him as well as my family.

Beginning and Ending of Life

Carolyn Skinner (69) talks with Jessica Barker (39) about the start of going to college in her late 40's. She explains how there was so much she didn't know and the miracle of life.

The Path To The Greatness

My name is Zamirah Felton and I interviewed one of my close friends Engoma Fataki. he is not from the United States, we will tell his story about his journey.

Bob's War Story's

I chose my wife's Grandfather to interview because he served in the Vietnam war. Bob is an interesting man and a great role model who was drafted when he was twenty years old. Bob still participates in military events.

Strive for the best.

For all those who are needing the advice of those who have gone through the switch.

A not so Cinderella Story

Take a listen to hear about my mother's journey from childhood to adulthood

Overcoming Sexual Assualt and Rape

This interview is about how my sister overcame a sexual assault and rape and what her struggles were with filling a report and what she went through to overcome it!