Jami Miyamoto and Daily Miyamoto

Jami Miyamoto (62) and her daughter Daily Miyamoto (20) talk about their strong bond as mother daughter despite being polar opposites. They talk about how Daily was adopted from China and what the process was like for Jami to bring...

Interview question to my mother

I asked her basic questions and herself and I and how I grew up


Most things was talked about from family to friends. Most importantly was about her life in general

WL Interview #1: What’s Your Name?

Pilar talks to us about the story behind her name and what she thinks about it.

Interview with Jim Griffith

This interview was about me Danny Griffith asking Jim Griffith a series of questions about his life as a kid and as a grown man

My cousin Marcos

Talked about the past and how we see our families and what’s going on in the present