The National Guard

My interview was about my brothers experience in the Army.

Gina Scott and Phillip Scott

Phillip Scott (30) interviews his mother, Gina Scott [no age given], about her experience reporting on the deployment of the 142nd Field Artillery Brigade of the Arkansas National Guard in Saudi Arabia.

Emily Hummel and Heather Brewer

Conversation partners Heather Brewer (53) and Emily Hummel (68) talk about Heather's early life, they discuss military life, family and Heather also speaks about her life as a pastor.

Living History Project

I interviewed my grandfather about his time in the National Guard, and more specifically his involvement in the riots that took place in Chicago after MLK’s assassination

Pop’s Life

Pop and I talked about the highlights of his life. We went through his early life, jobs, marriage, and children.

Dane Blanchard, a former National Guardsmen, shares his experience in the military.

Savannah McCool, a high school sophomore in EAST, interviews Dane Blanchard, a former member of the National Guard, about his military career. They discuss basic training, the impacts of military service, and what civilians should know about being in the...

Jesse'ca Palmer and Ian Gonzalez

Jesse'ca Palmer (22) sits down with StoryCorps Facilitator Ian Gonzalez to speak about her experience as a young woman embarking on her military career. Jesse'ca reflects on her reasons for joining the military, the highs and lows of basic training,...

Corbin Witt and Luke Perez

Corbin Witt (21) speaks to his OSS conversation partner Luke Matthew Perez (39) about their political positions, as well as their views on the death penalty, the attacks on September 11th 2001, and their identities as political conservatives of latino...

How service in the National Guard led to a life of service in the field of public education.

Dr. Frank Mitchell, National Guard Veteran and Superintendent of Vilonia Public Schools for 27 years shares his experiences and service in the United States National Guard.

Ronald LoPorto and Hazel Diaz

Hazel Diaz (36) interviews her conversation partner Ronald Lo Porto (71) about his experiences in the military, his relationship to his wife, and the lasting impact of his service.

Hans Heaton, Navy and National Guard veteran, speaks on his military service.

Hans Heaton, a former member of the Navy and National Guard is interviewed by Savannah McCool, a high school sophomore. Heaton and McCool cover his reasons for enlisting, his job as a mechanic in the Navy, and his experience in...

Ian Bitzes and William Cross

Ian Bitzes (24) talks with his grandfather William "Rory" Cross (86) about his life in the National Guard, ranching, and his time in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

William (Billy) Dahlheim and Katie Dahlheim

Billy Dahlheim (32) talks with his wife Katie Dahlheim (30) about growing up on a U.S. Air Force base in Germany, joining the National Guard, being deployed to Iraq in 2003 with his brother, his experience there, and two friends...

Dymeah Casey and Nicholas Rinehart

Partners Dymeah Casey (29) and Nicholas Rinehart (30) talk about Dymeah's service in the United States National Guard, preconceived notions of military service, and the obstacles of paying for college.

Guy Linscott and Brenda Peluso

Guy Linscott (85) speaks with his Daughter Brenda Peluso (61) about his experiences in the Navy and Coast Guard. Guy reflects on what the military taught him and remembers his friends and mentors who have passed.

Diane Begala and Jean Friday

Diane Begala (60) interviews her mother, Jean Friday (84), about her early childhood growing up on a farm, the adventures of being a military wife, and finally, what it was like to be whisked away from Texas by her children...

Devin Ling discusses the trials of life with Morgan Ling and Josh Wang

Devin Ling (19) talks with his older sister, Morgan Ling (25), and Morgan's significant other, Josh Wang (26), about the struggles they've endured throughout their childhood, college life, and current state.