Doretha Shipman and Louie Stoops

Doretha D. Shipman (89) talks with her grandson, Louie Stoops (47), about growing up and farming on the banks of the Buffalo River. Today LS works for the NPS at Buffalo River.

Margaret Adkins and Paula Shotwell

Friends and former co-volunteers, Margaret "Marge" Adkins (58) and Paula Shotwell (56), remember their days as volunteers at Abraham Lincoln's Historic Home, when they were known as, "Abe's Babes."

Allen Parker and Sanford Rabinowitch

One Small Step conversation partners Allen "Al" Parker (78) and Sanford "Sandy" Rabinowitch (70) talk about their former careers, Alaska issues, and their political views.

Paul Bauer and Lisa Sanden

Paul (64) talks to Lisa (36) about his role in the reenactment group Muzzle Loaders organization and constructing and erecting a flagpole at Fort Union Trading Post Historical Site.

Rangers on the Moon

David Clark and Ted Stout managed the educational efforts of Craters of the Moon National Monument from 1978-2003 and from 2003-2020 respectively. Here they discuss life on the Moon....