Story Telling Interview with Andy Anquoe

Abbie Anquoe 18 daughter Andy Anquoe 59 father Discussing Andy’s native culture and how it has affected his life.

On Being Native in the Modern World

I have a discussion with my close friend, Galydia Black, about growing up in a Native family and the difficulties, struggles, and beauty that come from the Ponca heritage. We also talk about struggles Native Americans still face in society...

Lynn Terrance and Ruth Terrance

Lynn Terrance (69) interviews her mother, Ruth Terrance (93), about Ruth's husband, who was Mohawk Native American. They discuss his family, life, and relationship with Ruth.

Terri Oliger and Pearl Casias

One Small Step partners Pearl Casias (79) and Terri Oliger (51) share a conversation about their lives growing up, the importance of self-reliance, and playing the role of matriarch in their extended families.