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The Flood of 82'

Kevin Witt (49) talks with his son, Nathan Witt about his experience of the flood of Clinton, Arkansas in 1982.

“Recalling History” Interview. With Janet Hutchinson. The Xenia Tornado of 1974

I spent my afternoon having conversations with my Nana on a natural disaster known as the Xenia Tornado. She explains how this giant vacuum cleaner wiped out half of Xenia and how events unfolded after the act.

Towns in Crisis

Jen Selinsky, Sellersburg resident, recalls the 2012 tornadoes that devastated Henryville, Indiana and surrounding areas.

“To a certain point, people control the future (of Turkey). -Jasmine Deng Mihciyan

Jasmine Deng Mihciyan (51) talks about the outcome and effects of the earthquake that occurred in Turkey on February 6th, 2023 to her daughter Mira Mihciyan (17).

A Young Child’s Experience With Hurricane Katrina
November 15, 2017 App Interview

''The winds were so strong, my parents had to hold onto something or else they would be blown away.'' Shelbi describes the events and her experience with hurricane Katrina from when she was at 12 years old, from preparation to...