Mpx(interview with my dad)

We talked about what he does that impacts the world in a positive way

Martin Zajanc and Carolyn Beecher

Martin Zajanc [no age given] talks with his girlfriend, Carolyn Beecher (65), about his multiple trips to Alaska where he was able to connect with nature and learn more about himself.


My mother discusses about what she loves about nature and gardening.The interview consists of questions for her to explain why she enjoys it.

My Interview With My Great Uncle Allen

My great uncle Allen talks about his experiences and how he got to Alaska. He also talks about his advice for future generations. He thinks that global warming is our biggest issue and that he is sorry for his future...

Riyaan's Interview

Riyaan talks about how he missed nature amid the COVID 19 and staying at home. He was home schooled for two months due to the pandemic and realized how important was the teacher's role in their education. He also tells...

Timiera Jackson and Faith Cabrera

Timiera Jackson talks to Faith Cabrera about the new "normal" and how her and her family are adjusting.

Mark on the world

We talked about our life now and what we want to pass down

Quarantine Nature Walk & Talk & Drive

Ending off a hike with my friends by asking them questions until they get annoyed

Timiera Jackson and Gerardo Villegas

Timiera Jackson (17) talks with her brother in law Gerry Villegas (24) about how the new way of the world has affected him and his life.

Earl Madden and Tracy Strating

Tracy Strating (52) speaks with her father, Earl Madden (75), about important moments in his life.

Urban Ecology

This interview was done in order to better understand Matt’s experiences in nature.

AIP Urban Ecology

Chat with an 80+ year resident of Colorado.

An insightful view of life

Elizabeth shares some meaningful moments and thoughts

City Park in Denver, Colorado

On a snowy day in Denver, I sat down with Parks and Recreation’s Executive Director, Allegra “Happy” Haynes to talk about our shared favorite place in the city to gather and play and connect with nature, City Park.

What My Favorite Place in Tacoma Sounds Like

A short clip of who I am, where I am, what day it is and what it sounds like around me!

Reilly Roberts and Greg Roberts

Reilly Roberts (23) and her father Greg Roberts [no age given] reminisce about their journey walking the Camino de Santiago and by doing so, reflect on the life lessons Greg has instilled in Reilly as she has grown up, such...