Robert Adler and Sara Kelemen

One Small Step conversation partners Robert "Bob" Adler (70) and Sara Kelemen (29) talk about nondelusional optimism, listening, Jewish heritage, family, community, and anarchism.

My Private Army

My 91 year old grandpa, Joe Jedeikin, was a young Jewish boy growing up in Switzerland during the Nazi Era. He tells a story about a fearful incident with the Nazis during his travels to his aunt's wedding in Latvia.

Hank’s Story: Kindertransport and Beyond
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Sara Kandler, age 56, interviews her father, Hank Kandler, age 93, about his early life in Germany and his experiences as a Kindertransport child. They discuss the difficulties and loss faced by Hank, his brother Gerry, and their family in...

Odette Cook and Daniel Moore

The story of Odette's childhood and family history, beginning with her family's emigration from Hungary to France, her move to London, and then the United States.

Adriana [No Name Given] and Renee [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Adriana [No Name Given] and Renee [No Name Given] discuss political parties, family and their upbringing.

Jose Rivera and Marianne Rivera

Mother and son Marianne Rivera (93) and Jose "Michael" Rivera [no age given] talk about Marianne's experience as an Eastern European refugee in World War II and her hopes for the future.

Andrea Huelse and Wolfgang Huelse

Andrea Huelse (47) talks with her father Wolfgang Huelse (79) about his experience growing up in the barracks in Hamburg during Nazi Germany, how his perception of Americans changed from one interaction he had with an American soldier as a...

Zbigniew Kruszewski and Gaspare Genna

Dr. Gaspare Matteo Genna (57) interviews his colleague Dr. Zbigniew Anthony “Tony” Kruszewski [no age given] about his memories and experiences living in Warsaw, Poland during World War II. They also talk about the Warsaw Uprising and Dr. Kruszewski's involvement...