Where do plays come from?

Ruben Bowen talks with his mentor/coach, Ashley Boone about her experience in writing throughout her life, and more specifically about the One-Act play she wrote and directed.

A C student trying to understand the electoral college

Luther Gale an 80 year old male is an active member of Pearls Wisdom. The Pearls of Wisdom is DOROT’s cherished touring ensemble of elder storytellers. DOROT, a nonprofit organization based in New York City that serves older adults, affirms...

Childhood, Life Advice, Historical Moments, and More with Kristin and Meredith Avis

In this interview, conducted in November 2023, Meredith Avis (17) interviewed her mom, Kristin Avis (50). This interview took place in Birmingham, Alabama, where the two talked about topics ranging from historical moments she lived through, to her childhood memories...

US History Podcast, Shanena Knight (Ft. Saenovia Poole)

History Questions. What are your thoughts and opinions on the topics?

Doris Green and Melvin Taylor

Melvin Taylor (49) asks his associate Doris Green about her career as an ethnomusicologist, her creation of Greenotation (an integrated score of percussive music and dance notation), and the time she spent traveling in Africa to learn more about the...

Zach Tusinger interviews his Grandmother Janice Tusinger about the Pandemic and the 2020 Election.

2021-01-24: Zach Tusinger (35) talks to his grandmother Janice Tusinger (84) about living through the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent 2020 election and inauguration. She shares several memories about growing up and various Twentieth Century elections and...