Alex Chen discussing public school in China

Jeremy Fertig from Akron, Ohio talks with a friend he met online from China about some of his previous experiences as a student.

Interview with Natalia Ramirez

In this interview, Natalia answered a series of philosophical questions based on a scenario related to the interviewee's career field: Exercise and Sports Science.

How to Heal with Aleta Mascorro

Brianna Lopez (20) talks with her close friend Aleta Mascorro (25) about her childhood, her story, and how intergenerational trauma affects the Latinx community.

Interview with my sister

Short interview with my sister about her own experiences from high school to college.

interviewing my sister about life

I talk to my sister about us as sisters, her college life and our family

Storytelling 1

An interview with my boyfriend about college.

Interview with Andrew Dutton
November 29, 2022 App Interview

My name is Cami Matthaei (20) and I interviewed Andrew Dutton (20). I asked him questions about growing up and some questions about college.

A Chat With Sasha

In this interview we discussed, Sasha’s favorite memories, friendships, and college experience.

Friends for Life

Steven (18) and Anderson (18), friends forever. Discuss topics like their future and what their family and friends mean to them.

Mistie Hitt and Harold Breeden

One Small Step conversation partners Mistie Hitt (39) and Harold Breedan (66) discuss experiences growing up, family, college, major influences in their lives, and political points of view.

Brianna Gambichler talks to Ray Gambichler about being a father and growing up with a big family in the eighties.

Brianna (20) and her father Ray (52) talking briefly about his life growing up the youngest of seven siblings, what it was like growing up in the 80s, and how he feels about being a father to two girls and...

College Preparation Interview

An interview with my sister on her college preperation

Edward J. Powers with Helen Powers and family

Edward J. Powers, Sr. (79) shares stories and memories with his family about his childhood in Pottsville, PA, his career in Public Health, and the life he and wife Helen M. Powers (79) have had so far with their children,...

Interview with Danielle Green 05/10

Got real talking about Danielle’s experiences moving, starting college, and some people that have made big impacts on who she is today.

Aishwarya Warrier and Divya Malyala

Best friends Aishwarya Warrier (31) and Divya Malyala (29), who immigrated from India, are celebrating Aishwarya's 10th year as a resident of the US. They look back on their journey of new experiences and look forward to new adventures.

Sabry’s Early Professional Life

Sabry (“Gedo”) talks about his path to university in Alexandria, Egypt, his professional career, and his immigration story.

Tianyu Hao and Minyu Zhang

Tianyu Hao (19) talks with her best friend Minyu Zhang(19) about her personal life in China.