Thomas Angell and Christina Cregg

Christina, 32, interviews her best friend, Thomas, 43, about his childhood in Tennessee; setting the closet on fire; his sister; their relationship as best friends; his Navy experience.

Heidi Lynnette Rauvola-Etier Amari and Annette Mae Rauvola Bailey

Heidi Lynnette Rauvola-Etier Amari (56) shares a conversation with her mom, Annette Mae Rauvola Bailey (79), about their upbringings, family memories, traditions, and Swedish heritage.

Katie and Tony Pedretti at home the evening of Saturday, October 1, 2022

Tony is asking Katie about her favorite Bloody Marys, our recent Mackinaw Island trip and the Fall Color 5k at home the evening of Saturday, October 1, 2022

Louraiseal McDonald and Toni Trees

Louraiseal McDonald (45) and Toni Trees (74) are two strangers who sat down for a One Small Step Conversation. They talk about lessons learned from their mothers, their love of their professions, and the importance of black history.

Gabriel Shelley-Tremblay and Bill and Cynthia Tremblay.October 4, 2020

Gabriel Shelley-Tremblay (13) interviews his grandparents Bill Tremblay (80) and Cynthia Tremblay (82) about their lives as children and young adults.

Paige Northern and Kristen Northern – Interpersonal Communications

Paige Northern (19) talks with Kristen Northern (53) about how interpersonal communications has changed throughout her lifetime. They discuss cultural challenges, advise-giving, technology's role, dating, friendships, and more.

Compassion: an interview of Taylor B. Bowers, by Nicholas J. Musial.

Nicholas J. Musial(19) interviewing Mr. Bowers, his freshman year math teacher, about his struggles so far as a teacher and his struggles when he was young, witnessing his parents divorce.

Alan Cowan and Graeme Cowan

On August 8, 2015, I interviewed Alan Russell Cowan, my Dad, about his life lessons. I asked him about the people who had been important to him in his life. He discussed his parents Hiram and Marjorie Cowan, his wife...

Josh and Tony Pedretti at home the morning of Sunday, January 1, 2023

Tony and Josh are at home the morning of Sunday, January 1, 2023 talking about Christmas 2023 events and UFC's move from less Jiu Jitsu and more Boxing classes

Jack Powell and Maria Collins
February 8, 2010 StoryKit

Jack Powell was a poor kid from literally the wrong side of the tracks who went to college on an athletic scholarship and became a rare-earth chemist who purified uranium for the Manhattan scholarship. He says, “losing my football scholarship...

Deborah Ranniger and Virginia Lora

Deborah Ranniger (58) talks to SC Facilitator Virginia Lora (26) about her dad Leonard Cornell who passed away 5 years ago of Alzheimers. She tells the story her dad would tell over and over again about going to the 1929...