Jose Prieto Mendoza, Maria Prieto, and Alex Gable

José Prieto Mendoza [no edad dado] comparte una conversación con su hija, María Prieto (50), y su nieto, Alex Gable (23), sobre su infancia, su inmigración a los Estados Unidos desde México y su familia. [Jose Prieto Mendoza [no age...

Jerry Hamel and Julia Sherman

Julia Sherman (27) interviews her friend, Jerry Hamel (86), about his childhood, his cattle-ranching and rodeo careers, the history of his land, and what being a cowboy means to him.

Kelley Nelson and Franklin Strum

One Small Step conversation partners Kelley Nelson (62) and Franklin Strum (39) talk about the media's impact on people's understanding of politics and truth, politicians, and how we might come together or stay divided.

Noelle Trent and Charles McKinney

Dr. Noelle Trent (39) discusses with colleague and friend Dr. Charles McKinney (52) the experience of blackness throughout their early and current lives, pursuit of academia, and their experience in the subject of History.

Lisa Sims, Paige Spencer, and Grace Sims

Lisa Sims (63) and her daughters, Paige Spencer (35) and Grace Sims (25), sit down for a conversation about their fondest memories, career goals, and spiritual experiences, as well as the love they have for one another.

Katherine Sharp and Alf Sharp

Katherine Sharp [no age given] exchanges with her husband, Alf Sharp [no age given], their memories growing up in racially segregated towns in Tennessee, impactful events from their university years at Vanderbilt, and moments from when KS taught at a...

Esther Bushiri and Greta Bates

Greta Bates (34) asks her friend Esther Bushiri (22) about her childhood in Burundi. Esther describes the different sights and sounds of Burundi and talks about her family and friends.

Robin [no name given] and Bob Friedman

Robin [no name given] (73) speaks with her friend Bob Friedman (72) about the people who were the kindest to them, their dislike for politics, lying and unfairness, and the current political climate.

Teresa DeLongchamp and Matt Workman

Teresa DeLongchamp (48) by her biological son, Matt Workman (32). Teresa gave MAtt up for adoption as an infant. Teresa and Matt were reunited for the first time the night before this interview (5/7/2009) Teresa and Matt talk about the...