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Granddaddy’s Family Farm

Discussing family farm and how it was growing up. Then foods that they had and Thanksgiving.

Interview with Poppy

I interviewed my grandfather about his life

Part 2 – interview with my 97 year old grandmother.

Interview with my 97 year old grandmother about history of Winston Salem, NC

Jane Foster interviews her Grandmother, Mary Foster, about her life growing up until today.

In this interview, conducted in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Jane Foster (14) and her Grandmother, Mary Foster (75) talk about her childhood and her life to this day. They discuss how she met her husband, William Foster, their three children,...

Cindy Smith on her childhood and growing up

In this interview done in January 2018 in Hickory, North Carolina, Mackenzie Smith interviews her grandma Cindy Smith about her childhood. Cindy shares her experiences with moving many times, taking care of her siblings, being in a segregated school, and...