Life During COVID-19

We talk about life during COVID-19 and the impact it had.

2020 memories

We talked about living during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interview With My Dad

My dad and I discussed the history of our family and their escape to America from Vietnam. We also talked about his experiences throughout life while being an immigrant. The last part of the interview is his perspective of the...

Service-Learning Project

We spoke about what we want to be remembered as and memories ranging from sad to happy.

Forman interview

Brandon Bucenell interviews girlfriend Marleigh about the Covid epidemic and hard hitting topics.

Pandemic Interview

10 list questions w/ Easton Kondris

Katie Nicolau’s Interview

Her experiences and opinions about COVID while working in the ICU department

Interview with my mother

Here we talk about my moms journey through her life! And what she thinks about the pandemic…

Speech and Debate 2020

I interviewed my mom about her childhood, family life, favorite holidays, her job, and living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recording – 06-13-2023 21:16:18

Seamus Bihari (15) and cecila Bihari (22) talking about experience with COVID-19

Amanda Wright – Effects of Covid-19 on School – December 13, 2022

Covid has impacted how we live our lives, but it has had a mouse effect on the school system. Amanda Wright shared her insight on how the pandemic has effected school and teacher life.

Patty Devery and Justin Cummins

One Small Step conversation partners Patty (40) and Justin (32) have a conversation about their recent weddings, dogs, and families. They bond over both getting married recently and having connections to Chicago. Justin describes his large wedding in Savannah, while...

Interview with Jillian while in Quarantine

Gavin talks to his little sister Jillian about COVID, while she has COVID

Anne Cunney’s Interview
December 21, 2020 App Interview

Asked questions about COVID-19 and how she felt with the lockdown

Interview for Business and Tech

Josiah Williams and Nia Douglas discuss COVID-19 and the impacts it’s had on them as individuals.

COVID Interview with Ashly

In this interview with Ashly, I discussed with her what she has dealt with through the past year with COVID. COVID has affected in many ways her job, school and life in general.