Gedalia Braverman and Elizabeth Schaffer

Gedalia Braverman (56) and Elizabeth Schaffer (53) talk about the first few years of the organization API Equality. They talk about being in San Francisco during the 1990s and their work during the AIDS crisis. They also talk about cultural...

Brian Wallach and Danielle Carnival

Friends and colleagues Brian Wallach (40) and Danielle Carnival (39) talk about how they began working together through Brian's non-profit, IAmALS. Brian talks about receiving his ALS diagnosis and what compelled him to want to start the non-profit, and Danielle...

Mandy Schuman and Merrill Price

One Small Step conversation partners Mandy Schuman (48) and Shane Price (52) share about their upbringings in Texas, how they have shaped their religious beliefs, and what they hope to see in their community moving forward.

Chris Myers Asch, Shawn Raymond, and Gregg Costa

Friends Chris Myers Asch (48), Shawn Raymond (49), and Gregg Costa (48) reflect on their time together doing Teach for America in Sunflower, Mississippi and how they came to co-found the Sunflower County Freedom Project and the Freedom Project Network.

Yolanda Kirkland and Brooke Floyd

Coworkers Yolanda Kirkland [no age given] and Brooke Floyd (41) share a conversation about how they came to work at Stewpot Community Services and what that work has meant to them.

Madaha Kinsey-Lamb and Egeria Bennett

Madaha Kinsey-Lamb (73) sits down with friend and colleague Egeria Bennett (72) to speak about the early days of Mind-Builders -- a non-profit arts education center located in Bronx. They reflect on the obstacles they faced, how they chose teachers...