Linda Ginzel and Nancy Cowles

Linda Ginzel (56) tells Nancy Cowles (56) how losing her 16month-old baby to a crib accident at a local daycare, inspired her to start her own organization called Kids in Danger, an organization dedicated to protect children by improving the...

“Zena and Mrs. Pamela Davis talk about her involvement in non-profits through out here lifetime.”

I did an interview with a Mrs. Pamela Davis who sits on the boards of many different nonprofits in Houston, Texas.

Robert Segal and Jeff Segal

Robert Segal (87) talks with his son, Jeff Segal (55), about his childhood memories, his career path, and his wife Jeanne. He remembers his daughter, Morgan, who died by suicide and talks about the nonprofit he started in her memory.

Virtuosi of Houston – Karen Needham

Interview with Director of Orchestra Operations of Virtuosi of Houston Chamber Youth Orchestra

"We've got to hold ourselves up- we've got to have each other's back" – Mike Gibbs on being a musician and family businessman in Richmond.

Mike and Alison discuss his career in music, his local business ventures, working with family (they work together so well!) and raising a family in Richmond. Music lovers: Hear Mike's Billboard 100 song "Sarah's In Love" at the end of...

Interview with Kristen Gibson, Occupational Therapist & Co-founder of Dignity not Despair

In this recording, I summarize my interview with Kristen Gibson, occupational therapist and co-founder of Dignity not Despair. Dignity not Despair is a non-profit organization that provides goods such as makeup and hygiene products to refugees around the world to...


Why my moms work is so important to her.

Enriching Lives One Bray At A Time

Steve Stiert talks about his passion for donkeys and his nonprofit mission to enrich donkeys' lives and show the value of donkeys to human communities.