Afi Yellow-Duke and Hamilton Nolan
September 5, 2018 App Interview

Afi and Hamilton talk about the unionization of Gawker Media and the rise of unions in journalism, specifically in digital media spaces. Hamilton also shares his hopes for the future of the labor movement.

Jason Williams and Glen Wong

One Small Step conversation partners Jason Williams (45) and Glen Wong (71) discuss the impact of their upbringing and parents, race, fatherhood, international travel, chronic illness, careers, and interests.

Athena Holbrook and Maida Rosenstein
September 5, 2018 App Interview

MoMA employee Athena Holbrook and union organizer Maida Rosenstein speak about their experiences with P.A.S.T.A/MoMA Local 2110 past and present.

Sam Adler-Bell and Amanda Novello
September 5, 2018 App Interview

Sam and Amanda are workers and organizers at The Century Foundation (TCF). In this conversation, they talk about how they came to understand unions, why they unionized at TCF after the 2016 election, their bargaining process, and maintaining solidarity after...

Atrayus Goode and David Shapiro

Atrayus Goode (34) has a conversation with his colleague David Shapiro (44) about their trajectory building mentoring relationships.

Dionne Jacques and Hy-Deia Walker

Dionne Jacques (53) shares a conversation with her friend and colleague, Hy-Deia Walker (27), about how they first became friends, their experiences of the coronavirus pandemic, and what led them to found a cooperative organization together.