The Making of a Mother: Life of Araceli McBeth

Araceli McBeth, interviewed by her daughter Janelle, shares humorous and crucial memories from her childhood. Araceli acknowledges the tremendous effect her mother had on her as a teenager and explains how this affected her desire of becoming a mother. Throughout...

A new life and an old one

This story is about my dad who came to the US seeking it's opportunities and in the grand scheme of things he found everything he was looking for.

Multimedia Storytelling

We talked about his dumbest achievement and his favourite memories of me

Allen Woodall and Kaitlynn Griffith

Kaitlynn Ward Griffith (35) sits down with her grandfather, Allen Woodall Jr. (87), to discuss the lessons he has learned throughout his life, his passion for preserving history through museum curation, and each of their future hopes for the museums...

Mother-Daughter Connections

Nancy brought up an embarrassing memory from Melanie’s past in this interview.

Project Kennedy

I interviewed my long lifetime friend, asking deep questions about himself and about how we met.

Nostalgic Discussions

We talked about my mother’s life as a child, the memories of her parents, my grandparents and Complications as well as life with my father.

Childhood stories

My mom telling the stories of her child hood and how it made her the woman she is today .

Interview with the old folks

This is a brief interview with my maternal grandparents, conducted 30 November 2019 in Laredo, TX. Johnny and Yolanda Villarreal reminisce on days gone by, their regrets, influences, and spread their wisdom onto younger generations. It was a bit of...

Interviewing my grandma!

I asked my maternal grandmother some questions about her childhood and adulthood


Sharing thoughts and feelings about life and what it's like to be a sibling. (Originally recorded on November 26, 2018)

Recording – 11-27-2023 19:43:16

I interviewed my dad Chris Toler who is 57 years old. We discussed his childhood, my mom, and his parents.

Random questions

Ben and I (Julian) talk about someone who inspired Ben. How me and ben met. What he was proud of.

A quarter to play
December 10, 2019 App Interview

How does an entrepreneurial kid make money from video games in the 80s? From Pac-Man to Galaga to Mario Bros, Camilo Echavarria tells his stories of playing video games in the 80s in an interview conducted by his son Gabe...

Lucky to be a blue.

A conversation with my wonderful "Nanny B" (grandmother) about her relationship with my granddad, Jerry Blue. Silly memories and meaningful life lessons from very wise woman that took place on a lovely Friday afternoon. We discuss the impact of growing...

Grandma’s Childhood.

In this interview I talked to my Grandma about her favorite childhood memories.

Memories of Colonial Beach w/ Ellie Crary Caruthers

Caryn Self Sullivan talks with Mrs. Ellie Crary Caruthers at Doc's Motor Court in Colonial Beach.

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