Oscar Bolda and Maria Bolda

Husband and wife, Oscar Bolda (61) and Maria Teresa Bolda (62), talk about their marriage and working in the medical field both in the U.S. and the Philippines.

Daisy Lynton and Deidad Vega

Friends Daisy Lynton (71) and Deidad “Enid” Vega (57) share a conversation about Daisy’s life growing up in Panama, how she came to the US, her work as a nurse, and her time living in Germany, El Paso, and Georgia,...

Kate De Sousa and Jamie Welch

Jamie and Kate talk about their experience working in a SNF during the COVID pandemic. Includes stories of vaccinated residents testing positive after exposure by unvaccinated healthcare workers, and a plea for vaccination.

Ronald Ramirez and Katherine Baer

Spouses, Ronald Ramirez (38) and Katherine "Gwen" Baer (43), talk about how their lives how been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michelle-Dawne Magana and Lauren Magana

Lauren Magana (24) interviews her mother Michelle-Dawne Magana (48) about their careers as social workers who work with the elderly and dying, and how they both came to have the same career.

Dai Pham and her grandma, Van Hoang, talk about Hoang’s life, before and after she came to the U.S.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Fort Worth, Texas, Dai Pham (16) interviews her grandma, Van Hoang about her life in the U.S. They talk about Hoang’s life in Florida and how she raised Pham’s dad. Hoang also...

COVID-19 with an Essential Nursing Home Worker

This interview involves my grandmother who is a nursing assistant in Evergreen nursing home located in Stafford Springs, CT. She is very close to her family, and it stinks not being able to see them!

Chris Qualls and Julie Stepp

Chris Qualls (45) talks with his friend, Julie Stepp (50), about his time spent in a rural nursing home, the problems with rural healthcare, and the lack of value placed on caring jobs.

Cathy Seibyl and Susan Wharfe

Friends Cathy Seibyl (66) and Susan Wharfe (63) recall their experiences helping a friend after she was diagnosed with Dementia, and discuss where she is now.

Carrie Alexander and Nicole Frazier

Friends and partners-in-crime Carrie Alexander (45) and Nicole Frazier (44) come together to talk about their experiences and memories at McKay Healthcare and Rehab Center. They also talk about their friendship, navigating COVID, and creating activities for residents.

Enduring the Pandemic: A Story of Love & Courage from the Front Desk of One Nursing Home. Cindie and Steve Dnistrian

Cindie Dnistrian (57) talks with her husband, Steve Dnistrian (57), about the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, as viewed from the front desk of one nursing home in central New Jersey. Cindie found herself at the front lines of...