Irene Luna and Breanna Davis

Nursing students, Irene (27) and Breanna (30) discuss starting nursing school during a pandemic.

Villa Maria College’s First Nursing Graduate 1957

Margaret tells her story about the path to becoming a member of the first baccalaureate nursing program in northwestern Pennsylvania. The small class of 9 students set a precedent for the future of nursing education.

This is an interview with my grandma CiCi and she talks about her childhood and my mom.

This interview was conducted on Monday November 20, 2017. I interviewed my grandma, Denise Wilkinson, in Austin, Texas. She told me about growing up and what she did in high school and after. We talked about how she met my...

From Hurt To Healed

“After every air raid we would have to count heads to make sure everyone was okay”. On January 1, 2019, 14 year-old Taylor Huie interviewed her grandmother, Sylvia Huie, about her experience escaping the Japanese-Chinese War in the 1930s when...

Nana and Me

My grandma talks about her childhood and becoming a parent. She also talked about my father and his life growing up with a younger brother.

Dawn Fausner and Juleia Smith – 61 and 16

Juleia Smith (16) interviews her coworker Dawn Fausner (61) who is a hygienist and a nursing student. They talk about the medical field, life lessons, finding love later in life, career passion, and more.

Great Grandmas Trip to Japan

Helen Jean Eli, age 85, who lives in Kansas, discusses her experience with nursing and her unplanned but exciting trip to Japan.

Norah Mentor and Dorynn Mentor talk about nursing and the experiences that led her to choose nursing.

Norah Mentor(15) talks to her sister Dorynn Mentor(24) about the decisions and experiences that led up to her choosing nursing as a career. Dorynn Mentions her struggle finding a good undergraduate major that she actually enjoyed. The impact that she...

Sarah Padgett and Bunny Balbachan

Sarah Padgett (25) shares a conversation with Bunny Balbachan (59) about Bunny’s childhood, the different places where she has lived, her family, her faith, her career as a nurse, and the advice she would like to share with others.

Finding Balance in Nursing School

Judith Landers provides a summary of her experience as a Registered Nurse. Graduating high school at the age of 16, she was turned away from nursing school for being too young. She began her studies the following year, marking the...

Claire LeBlond and Donna Taylor

One Small Step conversation partners Claire LeBlond (25) and Donna Taylor (65) have a conversation about following their dreams and building bridges within their families.

Sabrina Carver and Rachel Erickson

Sabrina (44) and Rachel (36) talk about what brought them to Providence as young CNAs and the Mission that has kept them here as they have developed their nursing careers. Includes stories of loss, grief, and the support they received...

Jostlynn Gonzalez and Andy Nguyen

Jostlynn Gonzalez (28) talks with her boyfriend Andy Nguyen (32) about the various trips they've taken as a couple, how they met, and knowing when they fell in love. Towards the end of the conversation, Andy proposes to Jostlynn and...

“Standing up” at UVA

Lois Doyle Schwall tells us a story about her time as a student at the University of Virginia in the late 1950’s and about how she literally and metaphorically stood up against racial segregation at the University.

Melanie Kemper and Mary Liedel

Longtime friends Melanie Kemper [no age given] and Mary Liedel [no age given] share stories of volunteering at the Mass vaccination sites together and other moments in their friendship.

Nursing School

How nursing school was basically a job manny years ago

Roberta Johnson

Discussing nursing school and the nursing profession with Roberta Johnson (77)

Kelly Phillips and Alec Sabatini

Kelly Phillips (54) and her One Small Step partner Alec Sabatini (29) discuss varying topics like global warming, gun control, media consumption, and politics.