Conversation on obesity and a proposed solution.

“A Game of Would you rather”…

Delaying discounting is a tendency to choose smaller immediate awards over larger delayed awards delaying discounting can also be referred to as impulsive choice. my question for you is Which would you choose, receiving a quarter every second for three...

Deborah Taub, Cynthia Weinman, Erna Rubinfeld, and Stuart Rubinfeld

Deborah Taub (57) and her sister Cynthia Weinman (56) had a conversation with their aunt, Erna Rubinfeld (78), and first cousin, Stuart Rubinfeld (49), to remember their first cousin (and Erna’s nephew), Victor Wald, who died on September 11, 2001...

Rosalind Watkins and Marie Thompson

One Small Step conversation partners Marie Thompson (51) and Rosalind "Roz" Watkins (60) share coping mechanisms from childhood and as adults, loss of loved ones, addiction and recovery, political policies and conversing with people who disagree with them.