Sarah Underwood and Lea Zikmund

Sarah Underwood (33) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Lea Zikmund (23) about her relationship and journey with mental illness.

The Love We Harbor
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this interview I ask my father few questions about his life in general. He tells me about dealing with his autism, his family, a few valuable memories, and his journey from Yugoslavia to the U.S. today.

Peter and Griffen discuss OCD and SMA

This is a recording of Peter Vieira and his cousin Griffen Kingkiner discussing their personal experiences with OCD and SMA, respectively. Despite having known each other for their entire lives, they have rarely talked about their hardships, so this interview...

A story about a hard worker

My grandpa started working when he was thirteen, he never dated and he looked up to his dad. After his dad retired he bought Napa and worked very hard there for 42 years before he retired.

Ryland Maragh Interview

I interviewed my brother, Ryland Maragh, who deals with OCD and anxiety in hopes of finding out how he was able to deal with these hardships and find success in many aspects of life