Lillie Todd and Katherine Mohan

5 of 11 great grandchildren asked their 104 year old great grandmother about her marriage and her political views and retrospective look at life.

Brian Ullman and Mark Oelze

One Small Step conversation partners Brian Ullman (49) and Mark Oelze (63) talk about conservative and liberal values, abortion, and the difference between "Christ" and "church."

Tracee Adams and Scott Sellers

One Small Step conversation partners Tracee Adams [no age given] and Scott Sellers (40) talk about growing up large families, freedom of religion, personal responsibility, racism, and shifts in political parties.

Philosophy Interview- Heart Transplant Scenario with Nicole

Theresa interviews Nicole in a hypothetical scenario involving a heart donor and three potential candidates. Questions about ethics, morality, and more in the field.

Nicole Olson and Tom Szambecki

One Small Step conversation participants Tom Szambecki [no age given] and Nicole Olson [no age given] talk about immigration, communism, history, and public assistance programs.

The Importance of Helping the Future Generation and the Earth

For a Philosophy assignment, we needed to interview a classmate about their future endeavors from an ethical point of view. In this audio interview, I ask ethical questions to a classmate who wants to pursue Environmental Science and being a...

Leslie [No Name Given] and Ladonne [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Leslie (53) and Ladonne (52) talk about Buddhism, missionary work, travel, "church hurt," different kinds of Republicans, and personal choice.

Emily Rushing and Fred Bennett

One Small Step partners, Emily Rushing (70) and Fred Bennett (76) discuss the changing landscape of news, media literacy, social issues, and being Christians who value diversity and racial reconciliation.

Cindy Entriken and Patricia Randleas

One Small Step conversation partners Cindy Entriken (70) and Patricia "Pat" Randleas [no age given] talked about slowing down, having different values, and the challenges of today's political climate.

Mihailo and Anka Jovanovic: Interviewing my Father on his Immigration, Culture, and Success

In this interview, Mihailo Jovanovic speaks with his daughter, Anka Jovanovic, about his immigration to the United States from Serbia, the challenges that came with it, and how he grew as a person in the process. The interview focuses on...

Hilary Coakley and Bradley Baker

In a One Small Step conversation Hilary Coakley (54) and Brad Baker (65) discuss the role religion plays in their lives, politicians they admire, the importance of freedom of opinion, fear of the divisiveness in the United States, and the...

Matthew Setlak & Rachel McKeel-Abrahamsen On Elvis's Career, Impact, And Growing Up.

I (22 M) did an interview with my Grandmother Rachel McKeel-Abrahamsen (82). This interview focuses on everyday life as well as the impact of Elvis Presley's career on her life and the people around her.

Marian Shapiro and Robert Price

One Small Step conversation partners Marian Shapiro (78) and Robert Price (73) discuss their belief systems, their families, their political involvement, their concepts of racism, their environmental advocacies, about the functioning of the government, about words that discriminate, and about...