Mrs Martinez my childhood role model.

I talked to my amazing elementary school Esol teacher Mrs. Martinez. We talked about school and how she keeps helping students after so many years of teaching.

I Interview My Younger Brother About His View on Online School & the Pandemic

I, Alexa Calcano, ask my younger brother, Aidan Calcano, about his experiences in online school. He talks about his school work and how he would like to see his friends in public rather than online. Aidan also talks about how...


Aliya Lefler (interviewer) who is 15 years old, asks Brytin Lefler (interviewee) who is 14 years of age about covid-19. Aliya asks her about her experience with covid and how she dealt with it.

life during a Covid 19 pandemic in 2020

I talked about COVID -19 , how it affected me and everyone , how is online school, things about the world right now and some things you can do at home so you distract your mind :)

Interview #4 p.2

In this interview I talked with Briana Gonzalez about the effects corona virus had on her life and online schooling.

Cindy Su and Sneha Sharma

Friends Sneha Sharma (17) and Cindy Su (17) share a conversation about their experiences as high school students during the COVID-19 pandemic, their environmental advocacy work, their mentors, and their families.

Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020

In this interview, I will be talkiNg and documenting my experience with Covid-19 as a teenager. I will share my opinion on important subject like school and the government handling of the pandemic.

Interview with my dad

This is an interview of my dads feelings on certain topics and life experiences.

Mary Ortuno and Gregory Thompson

One Small Step partners Mary "Elizabeth" Ortuno (44) and Gregory "Greg" Thompson (68) discuss the long-term affects of pandemic lockdowns, how law enforcement handles people with mental health issues, and why they think flags have been politicized.

The Life of Teachers during COVID-19

In this interview I talk to my mom, who is a teacher at Honey Island Elementary school, and how she as a teacher is adjusting to everything going on during COVID-19 crisis.

Eleanor Stanford and Yewon Na

Eleanor talks with her close friend and housemate about life since the COVID-19 pandemic. How has life as student been affected by going online? What's different about social life one year after everything changed?

Melancholy Memories
December 4, 2022 App Interview

As 2022 comes to a close, two teenagers share memories of past experiences that shaped todays current time. Online school, now in the past, is being left behind with past memories in one final chat.

What kind of difference does 10 years really make?

In this interview we discussed growing up with technology and what kinds of benefits and detriments that has created in the quarantine world.