Gabrielle Azar-Levin and Philip Azar

Philip Azar (52) interviews his mother Gabrielle Azar-Levin (73) about her family and her life, particularly her younger years in Tehran, Iran.

Linda Ingram & Scott Acord

Linda talks about taking care of her parents. As an only child the caretaking is mostly left to her, but she does have some help from a childhood friend. There are rewards to taking care of your parents, knowing they...

Pam Rector and Grace Rector

Mother and daughter duo, Pam Rector (64) and Grace Rector (20) talk about Pam's unique journey to motherhood, their unconventional family and who they are as people.

Meghan Meadows and her grandmother Carolyn Williamson talk about growing up in Alabama during the 1940’s to present.

In this interview, created in November 2018, Meghan Meadows (16) interviews her grandmother Carolyn Williamson (79) about her life story. Carolyn shares stories and memories she holds near and dear to her heart, along with some important history she experienced...

Great Grandma’s Story

A conversation with my great grandmother growing up, her cheese making father, meeting her husband, her six kids, moving across the United States, creating a successful business in Portland, and 91 years of gracious living.

John Douglas Davila, Peter Couture, and Wilma Norton

Long-lost brothers, John "Douglas" Davila (57) and Peter Couture (62), sit down with Peter's wife, Wilma Norton (59), to share the story of how they found one another and connected as brothers after growing up as only children with different...

Adrian Woolfitt and Rosemary Woolfitt

Rosemary Woolfitt (63) talks with her husband, Adrian Woolfitt (65), about his native home of Brighton, England.

William Weatherford and Ben Weatherford

Ben Weatherford (43) talks with his dad, William "Bill" Weatherford (83), about Bill's life growing up as an only child in Blackstone, Virginia. Other topics include Bill's military service, which began in high school, as well as how he got...

Jami Miyamoto and Daily Miyamoto

Jami Miyamoto (62) and her daughter Daily Miyamoto (20) talk about their strong bond as mother daughter despite being polar opposites. They talk about how Daily was adopted from China and what the process was like for Jami to bring...

The Great Thanksgiving listen – 2019

This is a interview with my mother. I feel as if I know a little bit more about her than I did before we started the interview.

Michelle Reinmiller, Gary Meints, and Carter Meints

Spouses, Michelle Reinmiller (50) and Gary Meints (52), sit down with their son, Carter Meints (15), to discuss the experiences that have shaped their family, including illness, travel, and vibrant traditions.

Recording – 11-25-2023 16:31:24

This interview was on November 25, 2023, in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Miles Plugge, who is 17, interviews his grandmother, who is 74, about her life. His questions cover topics like the people in her life, her childhood, her career, some...

Mary Crown, Robert Crown, and Leann Hengel

Leann Hengel (45) shares a conversation with friends, spouses Bob Crown (96) and Mary Crown (94), about Bob’s childhood and career, and Bob and Mary's retirement adventures, including Bob obtaining his commercial pilot’s license.

"Being the center of my family, I recall how everyone's attention was always on me. This led me to sometimes act out, like when I pulled my

This interview, conducted on November 26, 2023, features Dhruv Trivedi, a 16-year-old from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, and his father, Neerav Trivedi, a 47-year-old. The conversation, unfolding in their dining room, captures a heartwarming father-son dialogue. The discussion inquiries...

Interview with my Chinese international roommate

Betty and I talked about the cultural differences of growing up in China versus America.