Hartford College for Women Oral Interview with Debbie Javit

Deb Javit, alumni of Hartford College for Women tells about her experiences at the school as an attendant from 1982 - 1984. She is being interviewed by Tea Morin, the Fall 2020 intern for University of Hartford's Women's LEAD Center.

Ella Jenkins

Born in St. Louis on August 6th, 1924, and raised on Chicago's South side, Ella Jenkins was the first person in line on the opening night of the Old Town School of Folk Music, December 1st, 1957. At the time,...

Oral history-Chinese International Student in the United States

This interview is about a Chinese International student in University of Idaho. She will talk about her personal experiences in China and America.

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Gabby Cruz

Gabby tells us about how she was born and raised in Guapamacataro, Maravatio, Michoacan, Mexico, and how she is caretaker with her husband and daughter at the Center for Arts and Ecology. Gabby is also an organic strawberry farmer and...

COVID-19: Eric Robinson

Eric Robinson talks about how difficult it has been to watch his son, a senior in high school in March 2020, grappled with the disappointments of the Covid-19 shutdowns. Because of the nationwide stay-at-home orders all three of his sons...

Logan Hebner and Michael Plyler

Logan Hebner (57) talks with his friend Michael Plyler (57) about how they met, stories from their restaurant The Bit and Spur, and their collaborative project to record oral histories of the Southern Paiute indians.

Ms Betty Carner

Ms Betty Carner moved to the Chicora/Cherokee community when North Charleston was first incorporated as a town in 1972. Her father-in-law Mr. Carner was a well known farmer who has a street named nearby after him. Ms Betty was a...

Conversation with Rakesh Thaker

Talk with my dad about how the big moments in his life shaped him and his perspective.

Oral History Project With my Dad

This interview is for an Oral History Project for my Creative Writing class. I am recording this interview in Miami, Florida for Saint Brendan High School. In this interview with my dad, Jose Cisneros, I dive into topics such as...

Maria Mento

Inducted 2012 in the field of Government/Public Service

Brian Interviewed By Jessica

Jessica interviews her father, Brian to tell his history.

David A interviews Judy Campbell

Judy and David talk about Judy's life in NP over the years. She shares stories of fun celebrations our town used to have, such as the Paul Revere anniversary ride in 1975.

Andrew Burdick interviews Dave West #3 (20200703) Odyssey of the Mind – History and Outstanding Efforts

Andrew Burdick and Dave West in their third Storycorps Connect interview. Dave explains the background of Odyssey of the Mind, an organization he has volunteered with for ~20 years. He then recounts some of his favorite anecdotes of moments of...