Its a hard knock life (short).

My grandpa and I talk about his childhood.

My favorite toys as a child

I was asked the question, what were your favorite toys as a child? The story talks about the simplicity of toys that were my favorite ones that captivated my imagination and creativity.

Meari Avery and Roberta Solimene

Friends Meari Avery (67) and Roberta Solimene (66) discuss the lives of their mothers, and describe the effect their mothers had on each of their lives.

Conversation with my grandma

I interviewed my grandma, Ana Simanca Marquez about her experience living in Cuba during the revolution and coming to the United States. Her life as an orphan and eventually reuniting with her parents.

Story Corps Interview Project

My mom describes why she adopted me from China and the challenges I faced from being in an orphanage affecting my development as an infant.

Gregory Tackett and Eunice Cho

Eunice Cho (33) interviews her mentor, Gregory Tackett (44), about the many adventures he has had and the wisdom that they have brought him. They discuss his travels, his sexual and national identities, his closest relationships, his spiritual experiences, and...

Growing up with Ann

I interviewed with my mom about her experiences of growing up in an orphanage in Glasgow, Scotland.

Interviewing grandpa about his orphanage days

Seven year old Dalia interviews her 80 year old grandpa about growing up in a New York orphanage.

Memories with Grandma Rachel

Grandma shares some stories from her childhood with 12 siblings, time at an orphanage, birth of her children, and memories of her granddaughter.

Three key values for daily living

In my earliest childhood while living at the orphanage, I learned three key values that I carried all my life. Accept people for who they are, share what you have, and do not stereotype.

Its a hard knock life pt1

I talk with my grandpa about his true love, his life in an orphanage, him and his love running away from that same orphanage and starting his own family to hold and cherish forever.

Margaret Perron shares with us what her parents were like and the atmosphere she grew up in.

This interview occurred on November 24th, 2018. Jacob Roos (age 18) interviews Margaret Perron (age 74) as she shares most of what she could remember growing up in her hometown. She is asked about her parents. She expresses her love...