Clyde Waldron and Anne Riggsby

Anne Riggsby (60) interviews her father, Korean War veteran, Clyde Waldron (83) about his experiences growing up in South Georgia, becoming a paratrooper, a Union Auto plant representative, a Builder, father and husband.

Rudy McMurray and his granddaughter Collins McMurray talk about his life and memories in Birmingham, Alabama

In this interview, Collins McMurray (16), talked to her grandfather, Rudy McMurray (86), about his life and memories. They talked about his childhood, parents, and grandparents. They also discussed his military service and memories of training. He discloses his opinions...

Two Memorable Parachute Jumps from His Career

Collins Wynn recounts 2 parachute jumps that he made. One was with a round military chute and included a landing into trees. The other was not a military jump. That jump was with with a skydiver style chute. On the...

WWII – Living History with Jim Becker

Uncle Jim Becker tells his great nephew and great-great nephew about his time in the warin the 101st Airborne Division, including landing on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day in the first wave of infantry, and liberating Dachau prison camp,...

Charita Harmon and Albert Boyd

Charita Harmon (66) interviews her uncle Albert L. Boyd (78) about his time in the US Army as a paratrooper and what it was like being a Black man in the military in the 1960s.