Oral History Project with Mom

My mother and I talked about how it was for her as a child growing up. Then we transitioned to questions about how it feels to be a parent herself.

Interview with Eli

A conversation with my mother about raising me, what I was like as a child, and what advice she has for me going forward

Remembering Maxine McAninch Hogue in celebration of her 100th birthday

Janet Hogue Thompson (77) talks with her daughter Michelle Thompson (51) about the life of her mother Mary Maxine McAninch Hogue (1920-1993) in rural Casey County, Kentucky.

Michael Hoang interview translated to english.

Michael Hoang and his wife met in Vietnam where he’s gone on to love her. They then had a baby where they were a happy family and eventually became grandparents of a smart and kind boy. All of the love...

It Won’t Be like This For Long (Interview with Papi)

Sofia Vazquez, 17 year old daughter, interviews her father, Enrique Vazquez, 45 years old, about his journey to a new country and his journey getting to where he is now in life.

My Mother’s(Jeanene Anthony) Life and Raising Me and My Siblings.

In this interview, conducted May 22 in Corpus Christi, Texas, Landon Anthony (15) interviews his Mother Jeanene Anthony (48) about her childhood and parenthood. Jeanene shares stories about her childhood, motherhood, and her life in general. She also speaks of...

Jerry, a Loving Father, Speaks on his Childhood, Family, Household, and Life in America.

In this recording, Jerry Barton (46) is interviewed by his daughter, Gabriela Barton (15). Jerry Barton speaks on jobs he had as a teenager in the Czech Republic before coming to America. He also expresses the amount of impact his...

Anna Paloma Williams and Luz Kenyon

Anna Paloma Williams (32) asks her mother, Luz Kenyon (58), about what life was like for her as she immigrated to the United States from Mexico and raised her children in a new country. They also discuss the female role...

Vicki Ronn and Steven Carey

One Small Step partners Vicki Ronn (63) and Steven Carey (33) have a conversation comparing their perspectives on gun control. They find they both come from families with very conservative views and they both share some libertarian views.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about the past and the future, as well as hypothetical questions and deep ones as well.

interview with my mom – 11-27-2023 20:02:34

talking about family and parenting with Rosa de la torre who is 39 and my mother.

English interview project

In this interview, I interviewed my mom about what it is like to be a parent. This interview goes over experiences, stories, and lessons for being a parent.

Ryan Interviews His Grandparents About Their Childhood And Life as Parents Of 5

Ryan interviews both his grandparents over Thanksgiving break to talk about their life’s growing up. The interview talks about their childhood and life as parents.

Today for You Tomorrow for Me

In today’s society people are celebrating LGBTQ people with parades and festivals, rather than spreading hatred towards them, but this wasn’t always the case. In November of 2018, 14 year old Sofia Brandon-Schwartz interviewed her father, Carlo Brandon to learn...

So Many Happy Moments

In this interview I (17) interview my mother, Nellie Walker (45) about her life from childhood up to now. She and I discuss her experiences as a parent, our roots as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...

Vicki and Damien

I learned more about my mother, and what I was like as a child, and how I am now

My mom talks about her childhood through parenthood

My mom, Cate Hollister, talks about how she was raised as well as how she was shaped as a child all the way to being a parent

Melanie Thomas, Anthony Thomas, and Shira Smillie

Facilitator Shira Smillie [no age given] interviews Melanie Thomas (36) and Anthony Thomas (40) about their love story, parenthood, and navigating being in an interracial relationship.

“I Wouldn’t Change You”

I interviewed my mother about her life and hew experiences with my brother and I. This ensued.

Interview with my dad

Bonifacio Villoso discusses what it is important in life and what should be taught to children.

Grandad: A Man of Loyalty and Servitude.

I decided to interview my grandad at to learn more about his time serving in the Korean War, his time after, and also his childhood and duties as a parent. He is such an amazing man and I continue to...

A Strong Woman’s Life

Maria Moncada takes on an interview with her mother, Carmen Ramirez. In this interview they discuss her mother’s experiences and how she has came to be the strong woman that she is today.

Sweetest Honey

Talking with my mother about how she grew up and how being a parent changed her.