A personal experience of what it was like to be a teenage mom

On Friday, September 29th, I interviewed my older sister on what her experience was like to become a mom at such a young age. We talked about the emotions she felt and how the people around her reacted.

Erika Thirkill and Zachary Landgraf

One Small Step conversation partners Erika Thirkill (49) and Zachary Landgraf (42) exchange their lived experiences. They connect as parents and find common ground in their mutual passion for kindness.

Franklin Dillard and Franklin Dillard II

Franklin Dillard II (38) interviews his father, Franklin Dillard [no age given], about his family, his experience as a parent, and life lessons he would like to impart to future generations.

Diana David and Chris Baker talk about 3 decades of friendship, raising kids and fulfilling lifelong dreams for the 50450 interview series

Diana David, age 50, in Hong Kong and Chris Baker, age 49, in Tucson, Arizona talk about 3 decades of friendship, raising kids and fulfilling lifelong dreams for the 50450 interview series: 2021-09-21 23:23:53

Angela Meyers and Kerry Pinkner

Friends and colleagues Kerry Pinkner (62) and Angela Meyers (42) share a conversation about their favorite family memories, their experiences as working mothers, and their hopes and dreams for their children.

Memoir Interview

I believe my mom to be a very intelligent individual who has gone through man life experiences. A lot of the questions I asked pertained to general life advice and outlook. I think her answers were great.

Meggie Kamb and Mary Kamb

Mary Kamb [no age given] reflects with her daughter, Meggie Kamb (20), on their experience as an adopted family.

Harrison Watkins and Roselyne Swig

Harrison Watkins (33) reminisces with his grandmother Roselyne Swig [no age given] on her vast knowledge and experiences as a businesswoman, mother, and grandmother.

Raising a Daughter.

Chloe Sanders (18) interviewing her mother, Jessie Sanders (42), about some of the challenges she faced becoming a mother and how it has affected her life. They talk about her mother’s first thoughts upon seeing her daughter for the first...