High School Experiences

Alondra asks one of her closest friends, Yulissa, about high school and her experiences.

Thanksgiving interview

Questions for my grandma from the.past that a wanted to know.

Poly high school period 5

I interviewed my dad about his life so far

Interviewing my partner

In this recording Rashell Garcia is Interviewing her partner Easton Laplaca for her journalism class.

History Interview

Interview about growing up and how the USA was and is today.


This was an interview with my father regarding his high school career and early adulthood

English 3 project

Found out things that i didn’t know about mr T

My Story Matters

Two students interview each other about immigration

Matthew Ford and Earl Hopper

Matthew Ford and his uncle Earl Hopper that has worked in the chico unified school district for over 40 years.


madi really likes creek... and she likes her teachers

Rosie 2!

I interviewed Rosie about her childhood, schooling, and her occupation.

An Interview With a Classmate

Interviewed Zach and asked a couple deep questions

Interview with My Mom

We talked about what her life was like growing up and I was able to get to know things about her that I didn’t know before.

“If You Want To Survive, Then Survive”; One Man in a Big City

In this interview Bruce talks about his childhood, and how his experience in living in New York impacted his lifestyle here in California.

Interview with draedon bone

We talked about each other and we talked about what our life’s where like

Troy’s Grandfather

Troy talks about his grandfather and the relationship he had with him.