My Grandmother’s Experience with Segregation and Integration

In this interview, my grandmother discusses her experience with segregation and integration.

Christopher Williams and Delilah Righter

Christopher Williams Sr. (61) and his interview partner Delilah Righter (25) discuss Christopher's childhood in Alabama, his experiences in elementary school during desegregation, and his perspective on the health and wellbeing of the Africatown community.

Kari Hoggard and Rebekah Thomas

Kari Hoggard (46) interviews colleague Rebekah Thomas (52) about her experiences working in refugee resettlement in Springfield, Missouri.

Intergrating the Houston Police Department

This interview is a just simple questions about what the Houston Police department was like in the past.

Mary Jackson and Josiah Bennetone

Josiah Bennetone (37) shares a conversation with his grandmother, Mary Jackson (90), about Mary’s childhood in Wilmington, North Carolina, segregation and integration of Wilmington schools, her career, her faith, and how the world has changed since she was a child.

Joanne Hardy and Janice Klunder

Joanne Hardy (85) talks with her daughter, Janice Klunder (62), about her late husband, Reverend Bruce Klunder. She remembers how she met Reverend Klunder, their relationship and participation in Civil Rights movements, and how he was killed while picketing for...

Jim Henry and Danielle Henry – Atlanta Sit In 1960

Jim Henry was a junior at Morehouse College in February 1960 when he participated in a sit-in with other black students in Atlanta.

Part 2: From India to the USA: My grandmother’s story

Second part of interview with my grandma, in which we discuss immigration in further detail, as well as her experiences teaching in Milwaukee during integration of public schools in the 1970s.

Karen Whitsett and Chris Jakob

Karen Whitsett (49) remembers her parents with her son, Chris Jakob (26). Karen talks about her childhood, family history, and the many sacrifices that her parents made for her. She discusses why Detroit holds a special place in her heart...

Ron Pollack and Michael Wenger

Friends Mike Wegner (71) and Ron Pollack (69) talk about meeting as young white college students in New York, and their subsequent involvement in the Civil Rights movement, including the Freedom Summer. They talk about how it shaped the rest...

Tricia Regan and Nina Porzucki

Tricia Regan talks to her friend, Nina Porzucki (33), about growing up in Canarsie, Brooklyn, becoming interested in photography and film, and making her first feature film, A Leap of Faith, about a group of parents creating an integrated school...

Joe Kershaw and Darius Young

Friends and fellow "Rattlers," Darius Young (42) and Joe Kershaw (73), discuss the work Joe's family has done to keep Florida A&M University open, as well as the work Darius now does to preserve the legacy of those who fought...

Tonia Reaves and Robin Young

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Tonia Reaves (51) and Robin Young (23) talk about their experiences in school. They reflect on the impact of racism on their educational upbringings, their experiences adapting to multi-racial school environments, and their hopes for future generations.

John Evans and Andy Phelan

Andy Phelan (53) talks with his friend long time Civil and Human Rights Activist John Evans (86) about John's childhood, his education, and his career to include being Dekalb County's 1st African American Commissioner.

California Bussing

In this interview, we talked about the bussing program in California during the 1970s.

Frank Fregoso’s life after Cisneros vs. CCISD

My dad, Frank Fregoso, told me about the multiple elementary and middle schools he attended in Corpus Christi. We talked about their differences in location, facility, demographics, and what it was like to be a “neighborhood kid” in the 70s...

integration and football in 1956
December 21, 2022 App Interview

Wayne Lee discusses playing high school football during integration in Oklahoma, then his college experience and later Vietnam