Interview with Dad

We talked about his past, what his life and family was like when he was a kid and a teenager

Sharon’s interview

Sharon tells us a little about her past.

Isabelle’s Journey

Learning about a young girls challanges while growing up to get a more depth understanding.

Lost Boy

The past it the past. But do you regret it?

Janet Ellison talking about her Past and her Experiences

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Wylie, Texas, Esteban Figueroa (14) interviews his Pre-K teacher Janet Ellison (65) about her past and experiences she has had. She shares her experience in the past when she was growing up...

English final interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my ma about her childhood and what she was like. I also asked her about what she wanted to see in the future and asked about the past as well

Advanced English Interview

Talked about other people in my family and what they were like. Also about her past.

My interview

Gabriel talked about two people who influenced his life and what he is most grateful for

Me interviewing my grandma (Dad’s Mom)

This was just a small interview from my grandma because I know she doesn’t really like to talk so this was great as it is

Thanksgiving Great listen

I heard some things that I didn’t know and it was pretty cool.

Journey to the Center of Eric

This conversation focused on the impact of religion on his life. As well as how his past has shaped his present and future.

Past, Present, Future.

we talked about what she did in her childhood and how well it went and how her parents raised her to be the person she is today, great.

The Great American Listen

In my interview we talked about it variety of different questions where I actually was able to learn a lot about some things I didn’t know about me and ancestors which I found very interesting.

Gran Interview

America then vs America now vs America in the future

Japan and dog adventures

Kenneth interviews his dad on M.L.K. Jr. Day for comm arts class

Christine’s Life

This interview was brought back to my mother, Christine Benedetto, life. She shared her feelings, attitudes, and relationships.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I️ interviewed my grandma and asked her about her past.

My dad’s past

Basically my dads past and present and his feelings