The Lindner’s Life Story

Today I interviewed my dad because I think his life is very interesting and also his childhood was in a very small town. I thought that the interview was also really fun because I got to learn a lot about...

Interview with Sandy

An interview that mostly hits on the past of Sandy.

The past

This is an interview with my older brother and I talking about his past.

Liam talks about the Past, Present, and Future

I interview liam on his views of the future and what he remembers of the past

English 111

I asked her questions related to what made her into the person she is today. I also asked her questions related to memories that will stick with her for the rest of her life.

I Do Believe
January 16, 2020 App Interview

Amidst Thanksgiving preparations of 2019, Linda Pfeffer speaks with her grandson, Nico Joel, while his mother talks about teriyaki chicken in the background. Linda shares about her relationship with God, Catholicism, and spirituality in general that resonates with Nico as...

My mom

I asked my mom questions about her life and me

Yolanda Rojo 1/7/18

1st interview with my mom to talk about her past and what she is grateful for.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I️ interviewed my grandma and asked her about her past.

My boyfriend’s childhood

I ask my boyfriend questions about his childhood and he nervously responds and keeps it short.

Interview with Reilly

Discuss things about Reilly’s past.

Lindsey white

Her uncle charley and about her past

Interveiwing my Dad

Ask questions about his past

Mrs. Maria

The life of a women who grow in US

Irma’s interview

What we talked about was just my mothers experience in the past.

Thanksgiving project

During the interview we spent time answering 10 questions. We talked about my moms past and we covered topics such as childhood and her career.

All About Everything

I asked my mom about my grandpa and some of her favorite things. Indian food is her favorite food!

Nick Velezis and his Grandmother, Bonnie McGrath, talk about growing up and living through major historical events.

In this interview, on November 24, 2018, in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Nick Velezis interviews his grandmother, Bonnie McGrath, about her life growing up in Michigan. Nick asked him about his life during the Civil Rights Movement, John F. Kennedy's death,...

Interview with my father

We talked about his life and his past. His aspirations for the future. And also the present and what he expects of it.

Japan and dog adventures

Kenneth interviews his dad on M.L.K. Jr. Day for comm arts class