Anne talks with her mom about her mother’s childhood in China, academic competition, and finding her sense of self.
November 26, 2018 App Interview

What started as an interview about my mother's childhood stemmed into a conversation about China's competitive/robotic education system and how that ultimately caused my mom to lose a little bit of her sense of self growing up. However, my mom...

My sister stayed in china longer

I am Nancy Lin and I am here with my sister Alice, I interviewed her to know more about her life in china. While my brother and I were in America she was in china so she had more experiences...


We talked about my mother's childhood and what she thought of us.

Cynthia’s interview

This is Cynthia’s story. Cynthia came to America in 2013 when she was only 7 and in this interview, she talks a little bit about what immigration what immigration was like for her.

Interviewing my mom in Tokyo, by James

I’m James, I’m in Tokyo, and I interviewed my mom to know more about the old times and what they do at school from my mom, I also asked some questions and my mom give me opinions, and I learned...

Stacey Rosenberger and Fred Rosenberger

Stacey (45) and Fred Rosenberger (41) remember the difficulties of explaining Stacey’s cancer diagnosis to their daughter, Olivia. Stacey and Fred remembers all the techniques they used to explain Stacey’s illness to Olivia.

China trip
November 28, 2017 App Interview

We talked about our trip that we took in China and what’s some places that we saw .

First trip abroad

Teenager from middle class family goes on panda conservation trip to China with privileged peers and learns about stereotypes and expectations

Heim/Cummings history

Story about the history of the Heim family, Ralph Heim in China, and family riddles

Interviewing Herbert Low
November 24, 2017 App Interview

My grandpa, Herbert Low, tells me about his experience growing up in China, and moving to America in the 50's

Interview with my mom about her childhood

Minghui: What kind of family did you grow up in? Mom: We were a normal family, your grandpa worked as an electrician in a big company; your grandma was an accountant in a supermarket. I grew up in a normal...

About my grandmother

This interview is about my grandmother’s experiences in life. What is her childhood, and what historical events that she experienced in China.

Storycorps interview

This interview is with my mom who came to America for a better life. She enjoys cooking.

Charles, Chinese Pilot Trainee

Asked Charles about China and if he liked America.

An interview with my grandpa (on my mother’s side)

I gave an interview to my grandpa and asked him about his life and his life in general. Here is some background information about Grandpa Xu: Grandpa Xu is currently 71 years old and was born in 1948 in Shanxi,...

Tao Tu and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: Alex Wu sits down to interview his exceptional math tutor, Tao Tu, about his childhood as a math prodigy in China, immigrating to the United States, and raising his family, including his two daughters.

International Adoptions

We spoke about Jill’s journey through adopting her child.

Adoption Journey
November 23, 2022 App Interview

Emma Price (22) interviews Andee Price about her adoption journey and the hardships that came along with it. Some hard times and good memories are discussed here.

Ziying Interview

Growing up in China and transitioning to American culture.

You couldn’t be successful and worrying about where you were going to sleep, what you were going to eat.

E: What’s your name? Chen Eileen. X: Fu Xinghua. E: How old are you? I’m 16. X: 50… no, 55. E: What’s today’s date? The 25th. X: November 25. E: 2018. X: Yeah, 2018. E: Who are you currently married...