Interview with my mom

Some things in school can help you.

Thanksgiving interview

A conversation of experiences from the present, past and future.

Advisor wisdom

The idea of valuing people for people, and the things that matter in life.

Service Learning w/My Momma

This is an interview with my Mother. We talk about her life and her views on life as it is.

My Mother

What was talked about was family, and experiences.

Practice Interview 1

We talked about who was one person who influenced on my life.

Interview with Norma

Talking about Norma and her life and kids.

Getting to know my Mom

In this interview I talked with my mother and asked her many things about her childhood and adult life. We talked about what she was like as a child and what she did. She gave advice to her teenage self...

The school one

London interviews his grandad and gets some answers on michrophone recording. :)

Dawn interviews Drew

Drew talks about the person he misses the most in life. And advice to his teenage self and how he wants to be remembered.

General Interview with my mother, about her childhood and our relationship.

A quick interview with my mom. We go over her favorite memory of me. We also go over what her childhood was like. We also went over who was very influential in her life. We, also, went over who she...

Practice interview

This interview is about Brandon van Dyke and his life.

Drew Cason and Donna Bozeman
December 30, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Drew Cason (34) and Donna Bozeman (65) discuss travel, their personal political values, and how the country can come together after divisive elections.

My interview with Sherri

We talked about Sherri's childhood, her schooling and get careers.

Mary Williams- age 82

My grandma talks about her experiences traveling the world and the big picture. About the nature of people.

Interview with Grandma

People and events that were important in her life.

Human Development Interview

I spoke with a resilient 23 year old law student and first generation American who overcame adversities including poverty and abuse to become the first in her family to ever attend and graduate from a University.