Dylan and Jamie’s interview

We talked about pop culture related things like music and movies and how they differ from her era to mine. We also had some fun questions and some laughs

My Amazing Mother

I interviewed my mom about her life to better understand her.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We mainly talked about my mom’s early life and her childhood. I really want to know about my great grandparents so we talked about that also.

Interview with grandpa

We talked about his childhood a lot and the things that he liked to do and jobs he held. We talked about how he got to his current career. We also spoke a bit about his parents and my dad.

Learning about my brother

In this interview I learned about what my brother likes and enjoys. I also learned more about him.

Life’s Changed

Noe’s moves from Texas to Indiana and it has changed his life in a good way.


Pretty much how Lanvin’s life has changed every since he left Philippines and about his mom, dad, and me(Noe).

Yaniel Carrillo, 17, asking his younger sister Yanielis Carrillo, 13, about details of her personal life experiences.

I, Yaniel Carrillo (17), interviewed my younger sister, Yanielis Carrillo (13). This interview was recorded on November 6th, 2017 in Kissimmee, Florida We talked about her personal life, and how where her difficult moment. We talked about the important people...

Psych Interview 2019 Alyssa Koza

I spoke with my grandma about some life lessons and deeper look into some things that have impacted her life.

November 27, 2017 App Interview

We talked about things she is proud of and her memories

A Mother’s Wisdom

I spoke with my mom about her experiences and the people who have been important to her.

Interview with Dad
January 1, 2018 App Interview

My childhood and his childhood and family

Interview with Alfred Morgan

“You came you saw you conquered” -Alfred Morgan Alfred Morgan shares his life with his granddaughter Rachel Meshach. He shares stories from his time in the navy and stories from his childhood. Alfred also gives many great life lessons during...

Larue Raynaud

Larue Raynaud is a very stand out person. He can be kind, passionate, smart and energetic. He makes people laugh everyday and is an inspiration to some.

General Interview with my mother, about her childhood and our relationship.

A quick interview with my mom. We go over her favorite memory of me. We also go over what her childhood was like. We also went over who was very influential in her life. We, also, went over who she...

The school one

London interviews his grandad and gets some answers on michrophone recording. :)