Ingrid [No Last Name Given] and LaMarr [No Last Name Given]

Ingrid [No Last Name Given] (49) interviews her husband LaMarr [No Last Name Given] (56) about his service in the military and what advice he would give his grandchildren and others.

Creating Good Habits and Maintaining Discipline

An interview with Josh Childers on how he has created habits in his daily life and how he maintains his discipline to become a better person and athlete

I Love You.

Jeffery is a wonderful, self-scarficing human being. He always gives so much of himself, that I wanted to know what he thinks of the life he created.

Douglas E. Aldridge and Mike Aldridge

Mike, 32, interviews his father, Douglas, 58. Inspired by a sudden increase in their family through Mike’s engagement with a woman with a son, Douglas talks about his grandparents and about being a parent.


Reasons I feel like I have a strong discipline

Dads interview.
December 11, 2018 App Interview

My Father, details his expierence joining the military.

Historian project

A recording of my father helping me with an assignment


This is an interview that I, Preston Mace, Age 18, held with my father, Dr. James Mace Age 52. He is a very successful Dentist in Washington, Missouri who has won several awards as well as being in big dental...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Mary Louise White

My name is Taylor Spence and today on November 24, 2017 I am interviewing my 83 year old grandma. Her name is Mary Louise White and she will tell me about her life for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. This interview...

Interview With Dad
November 29, 2022 App Interview

My name is Jai Kanar and my dads name is Sudhir Kanar. I am 15 and my dad is 49. We talked about favorite memories and growing up.

Master Opal’s Story
October 21, 2022 App Interview

Justin Clark’s instructor, Master Opal Harbert, shares her story. She explains how she got up to this point, how she progressed, and her tactics on teaching kids in need.

Simran Khalsa and GuruPrem Khalsa

Spouses Simran Khalsa (47) and GuruPrem S. Khalsa (65) talk about their upbringings which, although different, both led them to Kundalini yoga, living in Ashrams, and having yogic practices. They talk about how they met, how they have raised their...

My Life in Suburban Missouri

In this interview, my father discussed the difficulties of living in a small town in Missouri and being raised in a strict upbringing.

Charles Smoke and Jerome Shannon

Jerome Shannon (66) and his husband, Charles Smoke (69), sit down for a conversation about moving from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL, the organizations that they are involved with in Pensacola, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives...

Jace Roller Interview

Jace roller discusses what it was like before, after, and during his acl tear as it relates to his wrestling journey.

Story Corp DIY

Randy Bauer is a 60 year old man I know through a family friend at church. we discussed some controversial topics during todays age and the difference in his high school experience versus high school now.

Guy Linscott and Brenda Peluso

Guy Linscott (85) speaks with his Daughter Brenda Peluso (61) about his experiences in the Navy and Coast Guard. Guy reflects on what the military taught him and remembers his friends and mentors who have passed.

Discipline Embarrassment

In this interview, Frances Ngo askes her Mother, Wendy Yeh, about why parents are embarrassed about disciplining their child in public? Also, we will find out if Wendy Yeh is embarrassed by her daughter, Frances Ngo.

Mark Lanham and Stephanie Parker-Lanham

Mark Lanham (66) speaks with his wife Stephanie Parker-Lanham (50), about their mutual passion: ballet.