First Generation College Student

My Father (Mario O. Ramos Jr.) Was born in 1969 to parents who immigrated to America for better way of life.

Taking a Step Into My Fathers Life

In this interview we dive into my dads life and the many influences on it, shaping him into the man he is.

Interview With My Mom, Gail Linda Nagy Marner

This was an interview with my mother talking about her childhood, my childhood and her hopes for my siblings and I. We talked some differences in today’s society compared to life when she was a child.

Hannah Johnson interview with great grandmother about life.

Hannah Johnson interviewed her 85 year old great grandmother about life, the importance of legacy, and leaving her mark on this world for family and friends to remember her. She also gave great advice from her wisdom for others to...

A Father’s Legacy

My father and I discuss his past as well as the characteristics that has made him successful as well as what he would like to impart to me.

An Interview with a Working College Student

An Interview where we start off rambling then find our stride in talking about sports and it’s importance in this young mans life

The Truthful Interview!

In this interview, we talked about my Dad’s life at school, work and his ethnic background. I asked him a couple questions about me and some details about his life and the adventures he has been through.

Cornerstone interview

My grandfather and I discussed his work history in order to derive career advice and important lessons that are learned from work experience.

Interview with Bryan E Brown.

We briefly talked about my dad’s childhood and experiences growing up. I learned about my grandpa, grandpa Brown, that I never got the chance to meet. Also, we talked about great grandpa Brown and his war experience. We closed by...

Mom interview Ela

We talked about the questions I selected for her to ask

Cole Panzardi interview with Alex Panzardi, Dad

My father, Alex Panzardi addresses what his childhood was like and how it was growing up with two deaf parents and living with his grandparents. He goes into details about his Grandparents and WW2, and gives insight on what it...

Deep Thoughts From Daniel Hinojosa (2017)

We embark on the journey to discover the Deep Thoughts on family, religion, work ethic From Daniel Hinojosa

The Older Generations

We began by talking about our families immigration story and moved into how the older generations of our family influenced my father’s life.

American Dream Interview with Ms. Lori Link

Mrs.Link told us about how her ancestors moved from Europe to Minnesota and how she moved all the way to Virginia without knowing anyone and how she has achieved her American Dream and how accomplished the way she wanted to...

The Words You Keep

As an athletic trainer that I visit daily, Emily has played such a large part in my well-being, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. One of Emily’s largest goals in life is to have a lasting and...

Introduction to Grandpa Smith

Grandpa Smith’s reflections on work ethic...... what it was for him and the mind set for being a good worker.

Interview with Shawn

I interviewed my stepfather, who works in IT at the Univeristy or Iowa

In a moms world

The harder you work the luckier you become. Always try your best.

Profile Interview: My Dad and I

We started with my dads childhood, worked our way through his early educational life focusing on college and his first job. Then, I let him reflect on his current job and the balance between working and family.