Ali McCue and Joe McCue

Ali McCue (32) and her father, Joe McCue (72), share a conversation about the performing arts in Staunton, VA. They remember Ali's experiences with the group ShenanArts as a kid, describe the Staunton community, and discuss the Arcadia Project's upcoming...

Ruth Foote and Grace Hamilton-Mayfield

Friends Ruth Foote [no age given] and Grace Hamilton-Mayfield (63) discuss Grace’s journey to opening the Hamilton Academy of the Arts, a performing arts academy for children of color in Lafayette and St. Landry parishes.

Nicole Poole and David Bowen

One Small Step partners Nicole Poole (52) and David "Dave" Bowen (59) talk about how trauma has shaped their lives, how they approach communicating across difference, and how they experience their own spirituality.

Holly Salisbury and Leila Salisbury

Holly Salisbury (72) tells her daughter Leila Salisbury (46) about her early life and her career as the Director for the Singletary Center for the Arts at the University of Kentucky.

Jim Collier
November 17, 2022 App Interview

Jim Collier, Interview on Life Reflections Sophia Mulder, Interviewer T Lambert, Technical

Play it forward: a conversation about music, education and performance

Ada (13), and Emily, her violin teacher, talk about music education and performing professionally.

Israel Rodriguez and Katia Garza

Husband and wife Israel Rodriguez (54) and Katia Garza (47) reflect on their time as dancers. They discuss their early lives in Cuba and Mexico, why they both first fell in love with ballet, and the highs and lows of...

Gennese Springs and Jonathan Swap

[Recorded Friday, May 19, 2023] Gennese (19) and Jonathan (21) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Gennese is a UVA student from Colonial Heights, and enjoys music, podcasts, and being outside. Jonathan is also a UVA student...

Hal Grego – Born to dance

We discussed how growing up in New York City, coming out as well as his personal and professional life.

Tammy Shackelford and Sarah Lemon

One Small Step partners Tammy Shackelford (58) and Sarah Lemon (26) explore their differing generational perspectives, their personal political values, and the complexity of many social issues.

Morgan Jane and Fosse Lin-Bianco

Friends Morgan Jane (23) and Fosse Lin-Bianco (22) speak about their friendship and share their perspectives on art, philosophy, and spirituality.

Lily Lipman and Laisha Gonzalez

Colleagues Lily Lipman [no age given] and Laisha Gonzalez (21) reflect on their professional experiences at the Lincoln Center and how those experiences have been shaped by their disabilities and other social identities.

Bridget Skaggs and George Cederquist

Bridget Skaggs (33) is interviewed by friend and colleague George Cederquist (42) about how she became involved in the Chicago opera scene, the pandemic's effect in the arts, founding the Fourth Coast Ensemble, and how grassroots arts organizations are revitalizing...

Deidre Huckabay and Michael Lewanski

Deidre Huckabay (35) has a conversation with partner and colleague Michael Lewanski (42) about their reflections on the future of classical music and how Ear Taxi Festival has become a hub for connections and collaboration in the music scene of...

Claire McCoy and George Black

Claire McCoy (58) sits down with her father, George Black (86), to ask him about his experiences as an actor and his career as a professor in the theater departments of various universities.

Danielle Varner and Paul Pierce

Danielle Patterson Varner (42) interviews her colleague Paul Pierce (68) about his career in the theater industry. They also discuss the importance of community theater as a space for storytelling and identity-building, as well as the legacy of kindness Paul...

Lisa Kaplan and Matthew Duvall

Lisa Kaplan (46) has a conversation with her longtime friend Matthew Duvall (50) about working together in the performing arts scene in Chicago and their chamber music project Eight Blackbird.

The Arts, and Its Impact On My Dad, Alex.
November 4, 2021 App Interview

I talk with my father about his passion for the arts, while he loves them, how he discovered his passion for them, and where he sees them going in the future.