Interview 1 of 4 – Calvin Holland III devotes his life to service to others, as did many of his illustrious ancestors.

Interview 1 of 4 - Calvin Holland III devotes his life to service to others, as did many of his illustrious ancestors. Calvin had a difficult youth but always had the solid teachings and love of his grandmother and his...

Trinity Stump interviews her Father (John Stump)

Trinity Stump (17) interviews her Dad John Stump (51) in Neosho, Missouri on Dec. 2021 They discuss past memories, his childhood, and their ancestors.

Learning about my Mom and family

I ask my mom a series of questions about certain aspects of her life and a few opinions. We talk about family as our dog plays in the background and we remember the past sitting of the couch.

Marta Pearson and DeAnna Hadley

Marta Pearson (72) talks with her friend DeAnna Hadley (52) about sympathy, empathy, racism, the pain it causes and the need for African-American stories to be shared. She describes seeing a raw cotton field for the first time, being denied...

What I Didn’t Know
November 26, 2017 App Interview

We talked about the past mostly. We also talked about memories and what the future should be like.

Cora Jones Hackley's quest to discover her Gullah roots in Beaufort, South Carolina

Twenty years ago, Cora Jones Hackley visited Beaufort, South Carolina for the first time, and had a powerful sense that this is where her ancestors and her family were from. As she tells in her story, "What I feel when...

Bryan Massengale and Dee Dee Romo

Friends Diana "Dee Dee" Romo (46) and Bryan Massengale (47) talk about the way community looks during these times of the COVID pandemic, the Destiny Arts Center Black (W)hole and Elders project, and their connection to spirit, ancestors, and healing.

The Great Listen

My grandmother speaks about her childhood and past memories. Even a couple things about myself and out ancestors.

A Story Told From Old Eyes

My mimi shares her stories and what it was like for her growing up.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I have my mother and ask her a few questions about her life and how her experiences have impacted her.

My Grandmothers Past

My grandmother explains some of her past and our past. What really happened?

History Final

I asked about Mr.Buzz’s grandparents and what they where like.

Joanie Ratican

Thanksgiving talks with my great aunt, Joanie Ratican, on our shared ancestors, her life, and advice in general.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2015

Abbie Porto interviews her grandmother, Sharon Stickle, about stories of ancestors and the importance of family.


I asked about his history.

Family heritage

How my mothers heritage has made her the person she is Today

Ramesh Chandrasekaran talks about our family’s ancestors and traditions in Plano, Texas.

Ramesh Chandrasekaran talks about our ancestors and the activities that they took part in back then. He also talks about a very interesting tradition that we still do at home today and it’s significance in the Hindu culture.

Andrew and Taylor

We talked about his childhood, his vacation, his worst moment, and his ancestors.