Daughter interviewing her 87 year old father

A daughter interviewing her father about his childhood in England, his parents and grandparents, his marriage and his life in Canada.

Marya McCarroll and Meghan McCarroll interview Mary Louise McCarroll to learn more about their McCarroll great grandparents

Two cousins (Marya McCarroll [49] and Meghan McCarroll [31) interview their aunt (Mary Louise McCarroll [75] about their great grandparents. The interview discusses difficulties for women raising kids in the early 20th century.

Whipping it with mom

It is about Family History and immigrating to the United States.

Interview with my grandma Mary

Long and rambling interview with my granny who is about to turn 100 years old!

Farmington Hills (Township) Through The Eyes of My Grandma

Conner Maguire (15) interviews Cherris Maguire (74), his grandmother, about where she grew up and what it was like.

Enid Roberts MD and Alexis Roberts McMillan

Sisters Alexis Roberts McMillan [no age given] and Enid Roberts MD [no age given] talk about how growing up alongside Florida A&M University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as with their family’s pharmacy, Economy Drug Store, impacted...

Cheryl Devall and Mona Wilson

Long-time friends Cheryl Devall (64) and Mona Wilson (61) talk about Mona's reputation as the reigning "Zydeco Queen," what people may not realize about Creole community and culture, and Cheryl's journey of piecing together her own family history.

Bowling Cousins’ Reunion 2017 Reflection Of Descendants Of Clark D & Carrie Bowling

For five generations, the Clark D. and Carrie Bowling families have gathered for family reunions. We documented these interviews to help future generations understand how life was lived in the past and recognize medical issues in the family line. We...

Kelly Ambrose Kelsey, Mattie Bartlett Ambrose, and Colleen Ambrose

Mattie Louise Bartlett Ambrose [no age given] speaks with her daughters, Kelly Ambrose Kelsey (64) and Colleen Elizabeth Ambrose (65) about her family's history moving from Ireland to the United States and establishing their own farm in Montana.

Interview with Margaret Oconnell (née Pryzmocki) (from Brooklyn, NY) about her family’s history in the NY area

Little known details about her life, family (both mother and father) as well as her in- laws (Oconnell family - also from Brooklyn and later West Chester, specifically Mount Vernon)

Jamie Citerin and Laura McInturf

Jamie Citerin talks with her mother (64) about her life from growing up in Elkhart Indiana to family history, to being a young mother in the 1970's, from her faith to historical events that she has witnessed/experienced.

Family history interview

I interviewed my 45 year old mother about life when she was younger.

Pama Thanksgiving Interview 2018

I (Caleb Nalley, 16 year old junior) interview my grandma (Pama or Beverly Nalley, 80 years old) on thanksgiving 2018 about some of the family history and her favorite moments in life. She told me about childhood stories, friends, and...

interview w mom

we talked about the topic of her life in cuba and her coming to the states.


I Ian Yeara interviewed my mother, Deborah Yeara; a special education teacher at Cosgrove Middle School (Spencerport) for 38 years. We talked about how education has changed over the years and we discussed how her/my family shaped her upbringing.

Grandpa and the grandchildren

That interview was with Amelia who is my oldest grandchild. Who I am very proud of. We talked about my family history and my life as a kid

Jennifer Reed and Edward Wood III

Jennifer Reed (54) interviews her father, Edward "Ed" Wood III (80), about his childhood, the information he has found about their family history through his interest in genealogy, and the Christian mission work their family does together.

Dion Miller and W grandma Mary C Kate

My grandma tells me about my grandpa and his insane jokes he’d tell.

Dean Moheet and Laura Robinson

Dean Moheet (37) and his spouse Laura Robinson (30) talk about the histories of their grandparents, some of their favorite memories of them, and the way they've shaped and influenced their lives.