Dad & Son Interview.

Father and son spending time talking to each in the comfort of our home.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Great Aunt Jeannine

I interviewed my Great Aunt Jeannine for this assignment. She was super sick so I tried to make it easy for her, but it was important for me to interview her because she is the reason I am at Emory.

Father and Daughter Interview

I asked my dad questions about himself and his past. He told me some of the dreams he had but never pursued. He also explained what he would tell 20year old him if he had the change.

thanksgiving listen

This is a test Interview for Ava Youngs thanksgiving listen 2018.

The Impact of 9/11

My mother & I talking about the events of 9/11, her memories of this day, and how it impacts her life today.

The World's Out There, Which Ever Part Of It You Want To Be In.

Elaine Turner Lamb talks with her colleague, Cristi Hebert about creating her own sense of home, especially in light of her life traveling, and recreating a home again and again, and especially the importance of story.


How did globalization affect the way emirate language? people are using a lot of foreign words especially English. How did globalization affect our traditional culture? people stopped eating traditional food and tend to eat international food. Also the way people...

Finding home

Seattle -> Fremont *COVID* Hawaii -> Carlsbad -> Fremont -> Kent -> ?

Rodrigo and Ilysa – 12/01/2022

I, Rodrigo (20) interviewed my friend Ilysa (19). We discussed about how certain things in her childhood made her who she is and continues to be.


Interview for English

Survivor’s Guilt

This interview was about the interviewee’s childhood and the suffering they went through. For personal reasons, the interviewee has chosen to remain anonymous.

Sunny & Victor’s museum musings

Victor and his girlfriend Sunny reminisce about Sunny’s relationship with museums & the PMA