Personal Effect of Basketball

Interviewing one of my closest friend Javantie about how getting involved and being interested in basketball helped him in being who he is now and how has it helped him through personal stories of his.

Diana Carreras and Brandi Brown

Diana Carreras (62) speaks with her mentee, Brandi Brown (40), about her journey to self love and worth and the way that has impacted her ability to love and be of service to others.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen With My Sister

This is my 19-year-old sister. The recording took place in Salinas, California during the night of Thanksgiving. From her responses, I noticed the slightly different experiences, emotions, thoughts, etc.. Advice was given, relationships were mentioned, and mainly, some survival tips...

Crystal Gilreath and Julia Calkins

Crystal Gilreath (46) talks with her sponsor Julia Calkins (51) about recovery and the 12 Step Program, finding their own identity and authenticity as individuals and parents, personal choices and spiritual growth, and what keeps them "coming back".

Elizabeth Roskey and Mia Raquel

Friends Elizabeth "Liz" Roskey (27) and Mia "La Espía" Raquel (25) reflect on their friendship that started with a chance meeting at a farmers market over cheese. They unpack queer friendship stereotypes and talk about the importance of belonging, what...

How family can affect your future

Abigail Horan (21) talks with her Grandmother, Marylou Davis (76) about how being one of five and having a big family has not only affected her view on the world but her future career goals. In the interview, Abigail and...

Ida Murata on living as a NYC teenager during COVID

Ana Farkhondeh (14) talking with a friend from school, Ida Murata (14) about experiencing COVID as a New York City teen. This interview has mentions of growth through the change from middle to high school during COVID, and experiences with...

Shantina Evans and Carmella Spinelli Miller

Carmella Spinelli Miller (51) interviews her friend Shantina Evans (49) about how she escaped a cycle of crime to start her own beauty business, the school she has created to mentor young girls, and the life lessons that she has...

Megan Bauer and Eileen Bosworth

Megan Bauer (28) speaks with her friend Eileen Bosworth (28) about their experience with grief and share stories of the parents they each lost.

Latif Tariq and Lea Zikmund

Latif Tariq (48) shares his experiences as a military service person in the ROTC with StoryCorps facilitator Lea Zikmund (24). He shares how he decided to join the military, and how his experiences there have shaped his life.

Willie Landry and Mollie Ray

Willie Landry (71) talks with his friend Mollie Ray (40) about growing up in Louisiana on a sugar plantation, his fishing and restaurant businesses, his wife and family, being a widower, surviving cancer, moving to Pensacola and becoming a primitive...

Marianne Dunklin and Laurie Tidyman-Jones

One Small Step partners Marianne Dunklin (63) and Laurie Tidyman-Jones (69) discuss how their family backgrounds influenced their political beliefs, the role of big business and government, and their differing views regarding why people can or cannot escape poverty in...

Mark Lukasiewicz

Chris Cox (37) talks with Mark Lukasiewicz (29) about his life experiences and the wisdom he would like to pass on to future generations.

Gloria Park and Julia Kim

Gloria Park (50) conversates with her daughter Julia Kim (19) about the meaning they’ve each created for their personal lives, their ideas around home and self care.

Rachel Rectenwald and Steve Whyte

In their One Small Step conversation, Rachel Rectenwald (42) and Steve Whyte [no age given] talk about how they see the role of politicians, as well as how they responded to the Black Lives Matter protests this summer.

Bailey’s College Try: Enrolling in a Growth Mindset

Andie’s (interviewer) sister Bailey (interviewee) shared her experiences and conflicts with the college curriculum. She explains the misconceptions she was taught to believe in high school, the fluctuation of her mood throughout the process of unenrolling, and a little bit...

Min Hwang interviews Jenna DiSalvio about her life as a teacher and her family.

In this interview conducted in December 2021 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Min Hwang interviews his orchestra teacher, Jenna DiSalvio, about her life as a teacher, her family, and her values. Ms. DiSalvio talks about the start of her...

The Foreign Trip

This is about a person that crossed over to the USA as a young person and this is their experience. The Voices are altered to keep the identity safe.

A’Dorian Murray-Thomas and Lakita Lloyd

A'Dorian Murray-Thomas (25) is interviewed by her mentee Lakita Lloyd (18) about the organization that she founded called SHE Wins, and what inspired her to start it. The pair reflect on the impact that the organization has had on young...

Claire Chen and Linda Li

Claire Chen (16) interviews her mom Linda Li about her aspirations in life, how she handles hardships, and her experience in immigrating from China to the US.

The Impact of Being an Only Child

Max Lavoy: 2021-11-12 23:33:41 In this interview we talk about the impact of being an only child. We go over the advantages and disadvantages and how that has impacted relationships. A recurring theme is regarding having alone time, especially in...